Charactrisation of Wastewater from Wazirpur Industrial Area

Charactrisation of Wastewater from Wazirpur Industrial Area.
The Central Board for the Prevention and control of Water Pollution has got
little success in implementing the Pollution control in sma!1 scale
industries. The present study of charactization of waste water from different
type of industries and also combined waste water from Wazirpur Industrial
Area was, therefore, taken to determine amenability of the wastes to
treatment so as to persuade the industries to put up treatment units
The Central Board felt after the study that individual treatment units in small
scale industries are difficul and as such proposed combined Effluent
Cooperation provided during sampling by the M/s Prakash Thread Ball Mill,
M/s. Rajasthan Knitting Mills, M/s. Jain Ink Manufacturing Company, M/s.
Supreme Electroplaters, m/s. Subhash Chandra and Brothers, M/s. Nice
Metal, M/s. Shyam Engineering, M/s. Prem Industry and M/s. Kajlash Metal
Works of Wazirpur Industrial Area are duly acknowledged herewith.
This project was carried out under the guidance of Dr. R.H. Siddiqi, Consultant to Central Board. The report
was also written by Dr. R.H. Siddiqr and assisted by Shri P.M. Ansari,tnvironmental Engineer and Shri R.
Chopra, Asstt. Environmental Engineer of the . Central Board. The project was initiated and coordinated
byShri P.M. Ansari, Dr. S.D. Makhijani, Sciemist, Coordinated the analytical part of the project. THe team for
sampling and analysis comprises of Shri R. Chopra, Shri Paritosh Kumar, Shri D:P. Singh, Shri D.C.
Sharma, Shri T.K. Bandhopadhyay, Assistant Environmental Engineer; Shri J.S. Yadav, Technical Assistant
and Dr. N,J. Singh, Senior Scientific Assistam. The first draft of the manuscript was typed by Shri Raghubir
Singh. The Tracings were prepared by Mrs. Bonya Basu and Shri Kamal Kumar Gupta.
Nilay Chaudhuri