How to Use Equation Triangles in Calculations

How to Use Equation Triangles in Calculations
There are many occasions when you have to use an equation in Science, particularly in
Physics. The Equation Triangles are a way in which you can easily learn to use and
rearrange equations, even if you are not confident in your Maths.
With a triangle such as the one here, you can find V,
I or R.
To find V cover it with your thumb, you can see the
equation I x R.
To find I cover it with your thumb, you see V
divided by R or V/R.
Finally to get R, cover it and you will see V divided
by I or V/I
Triangles work for any equation where you have to use 3 different variables, they may
also work for more letters if some of them are linked together.
To put an equation into a triangle just look at how it is written
F = M x A (force = mass x acceleration )
In this equation the F is alone so it will be at the top M x A will be at the bottom, so we
Other suitable equations would be,
V =f λ for speed of waves, V= d/t for velocity, Wd= F d for work done
GPE= mg x h for gravitational potential energy ( if mass and gravity are
calculated together W= m x g to work out weight)
P=I x V for electrical power.
Q = I x t to calculate charge