Job Description Template 1. Position Identification Position Number

Job Description Template
1. Position Identification
Position Number:
Position Title:
Coordinator, Waste Reduction
Facilities Management
Reports to:
Manager, Grounds
Direct/Indirect Reports :
Direct – 1 Indirect - 9
Classification Level:
PEA – PG 10
Current Incumbent (if applicable):
New position
Posted position:
Internal and External
2. Position Summary (brief summary of the position in relation to the work unit/department)
Reporting to the Manager, Grounds, the Coordinator, Waste Reduction plans, organizes,
implements and monitors all aspects of the waste reduction operation, liaises
collaboratively and constructively with faculty, staff and student groups to introduce,
inform and improve on the best waste management practices used on campus and leads a
team of waste reduction employees who implement, measure, dispose of, maintain and
monitor all aspects of the waste reduction, recycling and resource recovery activity on
campus in support of the University’s leadership role in sustainability.
3. Key Responsibilities and Expectations (identify 3 to 5 key responsibilities and
expectations for each)
Key Responsibilities.
%of time
1. Plans, organizes, implements
and monitors all approved
waste reduction, recycling and
resource recovery activities
and programs on campus
Time taken
 20%
 cost effective service
 meet waste reduction
In consultation with the Manager, Grounds, the
Coordinator prepares a waste reduction operating plan,
sets annual reduction targets, evaluates performance
to ensure that established targets are met, researches
best management practices in waste reduction, liaises
with faculty, staff and student groups to introduce,
inform and improve on waste reduction practices in the
operation and monitors implementation of the plan to
minimize the risk of disruption to the waste, recycling
and resource recovery services on campus.
2. Develops and implements,
effective data collection and
performance measurement
methods and systems for the
waste reduction, recycling and
resource recovery operation
Time taken
 10% of time
 Produce accurate data
in a timely manner
In consultation with the Manager, researches, develops
and implements the most effective methods and
systems for measuring and recording waste reduction
performance data and monitors all on-going collection
activity to ensure that accurate data is being obtained.
3. Analyses data for performance
and the results expected
Time taken
 10% time
 meet or exceed
established targets
Continuously analyzes all waste collection data for
consistency and accuracy and evaluates and compares
month-over-month data to ensure that the annual
reduction targets are achievable and makes
adjustments to practices and performance in order to
meet the results that are expected.
4. Builds positive business and
customer relationships by
communicating effectively with
faculty, staff, student groups
and contracted services to
achieve Sustainability goals
Time taken
 25%
 customer satisfaction
 meet Sustainability
Action Plan goals
Intervenes collaboratively and constructively with
faculty, staff, student groups and contracted services to
ensure that participation rates in all waste reduction,
recycling and resource recovery practices and
programs remain high, consistently productive and well
understood and continuously builds positive customer
relationships so that the campus community is satisfied
that Sustainability Action Plan goals and objectives are
being achieved.
5. Supervises labour relations
within the work unit, makes
recommendations for hiring
and termination and monitors
work place safety
Time taken
 15%
 good morale, job
satisfaction and a
productive work force
 a safe work place
Supervises the collective agreement within the work
unit, coaches employees for performance
improvement, mentors those on related career paths,
conducts regular employee development interviews,
organizes and conducts employment interviews,
arranges for all required employee training and
monitors the implementation of worker orientation,
safety and wellness programs in the work unit.
6. Prepares a waste operating
plan, assists with budget
preparation, makes purchases
monitors expenses, inventory,
waste service contracts and
regulatory compliance in the
Time taken
 20%
 meet or better budget
 positive relationships
 regulatory compliance
Develops an annual waste operating plan for review
and approval by the Manager, assists with preparing a
budget for the work unit, purchases equipment, goods
and services, monitors operating expenses, supervises
waste service contracts, maintains adequate inventory
control over the equipment and resources in the unit
and ensures compliance with the appropriate waste
and transfer station regulations and legislation
4. Classification Factors:
(a) Independence of action, authority and decision making:
The Coordinator is expected to develop effective solutions to complex operational challenges,
implement them in a timely manner and with minimal input from a supervisor.
(b) Accountability
The Coordinator is accountable for their actions within the framework of the key responsibilities
and objectives and is expected to use sound judgment when implementing solutions that might
have a broad impact on the operation, the Grounds Section, Facilities Management or the
(c) Supervision given and received:
The Coordinator operates within defined areas of responsibility and receives minimal supervision
but is expected to consult a supervisor when action or decision making clearly lies outside of the
scope of their key responsibilities.
(d) Budget, Financial & Material resources:
The Coordinator assists with the preparation of an annual operating budget for the work unit and
reviews it with the Manager for accuracy and correctness. They are expected to monitor work unit
operating expenses through the Banner Financial system and are accountable for being on
budget. They approve purchases within the spending authority that is assigned to the position,
seek approval for expenses beyond the signing limit and monitor the spending of any
subordinates who they delegate spending authority to.
(e) Problem-Solving
The Coordinator routinely solves complex operational challenges that relate to the waste
reduction, recycling and resource recovery functions as well as those problems and issues
associated with labour relations and legislative and regulatory compliance.
5. Summary of qualifications:
1. A degree in Environmental Engineering or Sciences or a Diploma in Environmental
Engineering or Science Technology or an equivalent combination of education,
demonstrated knowledge, skill, and experience in managing a related operation on a dayto-day basis.
1. leading a team of unionized employees in a positive and productive manner
2. financial and contract administration in an operation
3. decision making, problem solving and using sound judgment on a day-to-day basis in an
1. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement timely, innovative solutions to operational
challenges in an operation
2. Operated in Windows XP, MS Office 2003, Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Project
3. Willingness to work any recognized shift including week-ends
Desirable Characteristics:
1. Passion and commitment to the principles of waste reduction, recycling and resource
Date of Submission:
January 26, 2009
Signature of Responsible Manager:
R. Bentley Sly