PY3004 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

JS Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
Tutorial 3
a. Evaluate the Landé g factor for the 3P1 level in the 2p3s configuration
of the 6C atom.
b. How many terms result from the 3P1 level when the atom is placed in a
magnetic field? Sketch the levels when B = 0 and B ≠ 0.
c. Calculate splitting of the levels when the atom is in an external field of
0.1 T. What is the magnitude of the splitting in the Earth’s surface
magnetic field?
2. Below are Na D1 line spectra produced in the presence of a magnetic field and
when the field is zero. The D1 lines are produced by transitions between the
P1/2 and the 2S1/2 states.
-1.88 -0.93
0.93 1.88
Wavenumber (cm-1)
a. Draw a term diagram showing the allowed transitions for both spectra
b. What is the orientation of the field in which the Na atom is located?
c. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field?