Calculate the sum of two positive integers of your choice, as well as

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Unit 4
Fractions, Decimals, Percents
Extension Menu
Row, Row, Row Your Boat: One activity from each row (across) completes this menu!
Record Unit 4
vocabulary in a book, and
create an illustrated
reference guide for
classmates. Definitions
must be included, along
with additional advice or
tricks you may have.
Assume the identity of a Create subtraction problems
denominator. Describe
involving mixed number with
your importance as part of
unlike denominators that
a fraction. What troubles
result in the following
do you have? What’s your
main job? How do you
work with other
84/9 35/12 25/7 111/3
denominators? Be
Your problems need to
include regrouping.
Debate the pros and cons
of adding fractions
versus multiplying
fractions. You could
present your debate in
words or through the use
of a T-Chart.
Construct your own
activity. Outline your
activity to me for
Conduct a survey of your
Explain two different
classmates. Think of an
ways to find 25% of a
number, and three
question to ask your
different ways to find 20%
fellow 6th graders, collect
of a number. You may
the data, and create a
include examples to help
circle graph of the
with your explanation!
results. You should
survey 50 students. Label
your graph and sectors,
and include your survey
Read the mentor text,
Twizzlers Book of
Percentages, then create a
new page that could be
added into the book! Use the
book for support, but be
original in the creation of
your new page.
Diagram the steps taken to
change from a fraction to
decimal to percent. It may
be in poster, brochure or
“directions” form!