Finite Math Project 2012 Guidelines

Finite Math Project 2012 Guidelines
The purpose of the project is to use your probability and statistics skills to investigate
hypotheses about the students of CCHS. The requirements below are the minimum
requirements; an “A” report will do all necessary to establish any claim it attempts to
Data gathering
Survey questions:
One Primary Data Question:
“How often are you late to 1st period?”
Three Secondary Questions
“Are you a “morning” or “night” person?”
At least one quantitative question “What is your GPA?”
Number Surveyed:
Group of 1/2 surveys: 100
Group of 3 surveys: 150
Data Analysis
At least two Comparisons
Of Condition probability to
General Probability to.
prove a claim
At least two analyses of the a
quantitative question
giving mean, mode, median
and standard deviation
And the Histogram
“L= Late 10+ times, F = Live 4+ miles away
P(L│F) = .80 while P(L) = .20 thus you can
See that those who live farther away are
far more likely to be late more often
confirming my hypothesis.”
“The mean GPA of out sample is...”
(histogram not shown)
Display of Data
At least one histogram (see above)
At least one other graph as appropriate to the data displayed
Concluding Comments
3-5 Paragraphs
1 Introduction
1-3 Analysis (as needed)
1 Conclusion
At least two claims should be made.
All calculations and tally sheets should be attached at the end.