Faculty of Humanities
Undergraduate Student Committee Meeting
Thursday 25th November 2004, 1.00 p.m. in Room A116 Lime Grove
Professor Kersti Börjars (Chair), Beverley Heinze (Secretary), Guy
Percival (IT), Clare Johnson, Lucy Tatton, Jessica Owen, Saima
Hassan, Ngoc Bich Tran, Natalie Roberts, Simon Tefula, Maheshika
de Alwis.
David Jones Student Rep for Learning Disabilities, Sheila Padden
Remit of the Committee
Professor Börjars explained the rationale of the committee to students.
Guy Percival asked the students for feedback on the Faculty IT
provision, the following issues were raised:
 Are Italian and German dictionaries available on computer?
 Some students play computer games continuously in the
language centre clusters. Guy said it may be possible to install
automated systems to stop certain activities at certain times.
 Students commented that computers supported by ‘STARS’in
Halls of Residence such as Owen’s Park, were very useful.
 Guy pointed out that as Schools move, some clusters may have
disappeared locally by 2007, due to the pressure on space for
facilities that may or may not be used. However, he reassured
the students that no clusters would be shut down without
alternative provision of IT facilities.
Professor Börjars told students that a longer term goal for the
library would be longer opening hours. The students raised the
following issues:
 Some of the later resources (1990’s) are quite rare (Italian
Studies). Professor Börjars suggested that students raise this
within their disciplines.
 Key texts recommended on the reading list for BA (Econ)
vanish off the shelves at essay time. Professor Börjars
responded that staff might consider using more online materials
or look at staggering hand in dates.
Some students reserve books by hiding them in different
subject areas. Also many books were on trolleys waiting to be
returned to the correct places.
Professor Börjars explained that an important teaching and learning
aim for the new University was the student experience and measuring
student satisfaction. This would be done by a broad survey to give a
base line measure in the form of a questionnaire comprising 8 very
general questions. The students would be surveyed during the last
week of lectures, and would receive feedback.
The question was asked whether the University had any legal
responsibility for its students when they were off campus. The answer
to this is no, but on campus we have security personnel, and the
Student Union provide a ‘safe bus’ home from events.
This issue arose as during Eid, buses did not use the route through
Rusholme as this area was very busy due to the celebrations. Students
then had to walk along streets where they felt uncomfortable, and
asked if in the future they could be reminded in advance of anything
like this before it took place, so that they could make alternative travel
Next Meeting
Tuesday 15th March 2005 at 1.00 p.m.
Any issues for the agenda please send to Beverley Heinze by 1st March