Evaluating Expressions Involving Integers

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Translating Word Problems
Write an expression OR equation that represents each of the following word problems.
1. Cameron like to buy his sweetheart a dozen roses every month. Write an expression that represents the
amount of roses Cameron has bought.
2. Michelle has 4 pairs of shoes less than her best friend Shawna. If Michelle has 11 pairs, how many
pairs does Shawna have?
3. Francisco weighs 100 pounds less than three times his brother’s weight. His brother weighs 80 pounds.
Write an equation that would find out how much Francisco weighs.
4. Stacie has 10 pairs of shoes. She is going to buy 3 more each month. Write an equation that would
find t, the total amount of shoes that she will have after m months.
5. Matt took his car in to the repair shop. The shop charged David $68 for the part plus $50 per hour that
a mechanic worked on the car. The total bill was $368. Write an equation David could use to find the
number of hours the mechanic worked on his car?
6.A plumber charges $47 just to come out to your house plus $65 an hour for the actual work. Write an
equation that represents t, the total cost for h hours.
Evaluating Expressions Involving Integers
Evaluate each expression when x = –2, y = 4, and m = –5
7) x3 + 5
8) –4x2
9) 24 + 2y2
10) 5x3 – 4m