Workspace Observation

Usability in Computer Systems
(DePaul University, HCI 450, Lawler)
ASSIGNMENT/Workspace Observation
Objectives of Assignment
To observe factors that contribute to the usability of workspaces in an office setting.
We've read about and discussed a number of factors contributing to the ergonomic
usability of workspaces. Now we'll use a checklist ( ) to
observe and critique an existing office workspace. You can critique your own office if
you absolutely have to, but you will find it easier to assess objectively someone
else's posture and behavior. Observe a home or business office workstation while
someone is using it. Check each criterion from the list against your own
The report should be two or more typed pages in length. The following concise
sections should be included:
Objective (same as listed above);
Method (describe what you did and how you did it);
Results (clearly and concisely summarize your observations);
Discussion (provide your own thoughts about your observations--any
surprises? any implications for further study? ); and
Conclusion (your final thoughts on ergonomic usability).
--While it would be a good idea to make a point-by-point comparison of the
checklist items and the workspace you're observing, you do not need to
submit that level of detail. Instead, summarize it in the results section.-Date Due
Submit hard copy in class and post paper to your course home page March 8 or
before. No late papers will be accepted without documentation of an emergency
This assignment contributes 10 points (10%) of the course grade.