Upper Midwest Chapter
Scholarship grants of at least $2,500 each are offered to high school seniors planning to major in
television, broadcasting or electronic media at an accredited post secondary educational
institution beginning in the fall of 2010. The grant will be used for tuition and fees.
Application, essay and letters of recommendation must be received by
Friday, March 12, 2010.
There are two scholarship categories. Applicants must designate the category for which they are
1. The Ed Piette Leadership Scholarship is for students who have demonstrated leadership
skills in their school or community and who are planning to seek careers in television,
broadcasting or the electronic media. (See clarification of leadership credentials in the
essay explanation.)
2. The NTA Upper Midwest Scholarships are for students planning to seek careers in
television, broadcasting or the electronic media.
To be eligible you must satisfy all of the following:
1. Application to, or acceptance by, an accredited college, university, community college or
technical school offering a television, broadcasting or electronic media curriculum. The
award is contingent on acceptance for admission.
2. Intent to pursue a major and a career in television, broadcasting or electronic media.
3. A solid GPA. We prefer, but do not require, a 3.0 pr 4.0 GPA. A lower GPA with
compelling experience or aspirations will receive serious consideration.
4. Demonstrated qualities of creativity, leadership and passion for the major and career of
your choice.
5. Resident of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, or western Wisconsin (La
Crosse-Eau Claire, Superior)
For consideration of this award applicants must:
1. Complete the entire scholarship grant application.
2. Complete the essay portion of the application.
3. Supply a letter of recommendation from a faculty member with whom you are well
acquainted. Letter should be mailed to the NTA office at address below.
Letters of recommendation should be written on letterhead stationary. Please do not email
or fax letters of recommendation.
Recipients will be announced in May, 2010.
Thank you for your interest.
Karen Boros. Scholarship Chair
[email protected]
Upper Midwest Chapter
Please print or type. This form is also available online at Send, fax,
or e-mail your form to the chapter office.
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Home Address: _______________________________________________________
Home Phone: ________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________
Accredited school (see above) at which you have applied or been accepted for admission in Fall
School Address: ______________________________________________________
School City, ST, ZIP: ___________________________________________________
School Phone: _______________________________________________________
Major field of study (planned): ___________________________________________
Minor, emphasis, or area of concentration (planned):
Date of graduation from high school: _________
High School: _________________________________________________________
High School Address: ___________________________________________________
High School City, ST, ZIP: ________________________________________________
High School Phone: _____________________________________________________
Grade Point Average: __________
(If additional space is needed to answer the following questions, use a separate page.)
Honors and
Television Related Employment (if any):______________________________________
How will you finance your education?________________________________________
Mandatory essay questions follow for the scholarships offered. Please answer only one, for the
scholarship you desire.
Ed Piette Leadership Scholarship Essay
Ed Piette was the first President of the Upper Midwest Chapter of the NTA. He served as
General Manager at KSTP-TV and WCCO-TV before moving on to a job in Boston. Applicants
for the Ed Piette Leadership Scholarship must tell us how they demonstrated initiative or
innovation on a project. Please include problems encountered and how you and/or others were
able to solve those problems. We also want to know what you learned about taking
responsibility for the success or failure of your project. 450 words.
NTA Upper Midwest Scholarship Essay
What changes does the media need to make to attract your generation to the information you
need to make informed choices? 450 words.
Essays will be judged on logic, strength of your argument and your ability to focus on the
assigned topic. We will also pay keen attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation.
By signing below I affirm that this scholarship application is accurate and truthfully represents
my qualifications for the grant.
See following page for materials return information.
Send all Materials to:
Scholarship Committee
NTA-Upper Midwest Chapter
4967 Kensington Gate
Shorewood, MN 55331
[email protected]
Submission Checklist:
 Will make March 12, 2010 deadline
 Completed Application form
 Completed Essay
 Letter(s) of Recommendation sent – not emailed!
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