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UNL Humanities in Medicine Minor Requirements
317A Seaton Hall (0632)
(NOTE: Requirements vary. Students must refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin from the year
they entered UNL for Humanities in Medicine requirements.)
18 hours of courses work with the following distribution:
 3 hours of directed experience (HMED 397)
 3 hours from the list of core courses
 12 hours from the list of elective courses, with at least one course at the 300or 400-level
Credits earned using the Pass/No Pass option do not count towards this minor.
A course may be used to satisfy either the core requirement or the electives
requirement but not both.
Other courses, not listed as electives, particularly special topics courses or honors
courses with a relevant focus may be applied toward the minor by permission of an
HMED adviser or coordinator.
Required Course (3 hours):
Humanities in Medicine Core (3 hours):
Humanities in Medicine Electives (12 hours):
HMED 397.
ENGL 210I.
HIST 221.
HIST 228.
PHIL 213.
RELG 225.
ANTH 472.
CLAS 233.
COMM 354.
ECON 389.
ENGL 210I.
FREN 398.
GERO 200.
GERO 307.
GERO 435.
GERO 446.
GERO 455.
HIST 221.
HIST 228.
HIST 320.
Directed Experience in Health Care
Illness & Health in Literature
Science in History
History of Medicine in Western Society
Medical Ethics
Science & Religion
Belief Systems in Anthropological Perspective
Science in the Classical World
Health Communication
Current Economic Issues: Health Care*
Illness & Health in Literature
Body Language: Love, Politics & the Self in French Literature
Introduction to Gerontology
Death & Dying
Issues in Aging
Psychology of Adult Development & Aging
Health Aspects of Aging
Science in History
History of Medicine in Western Society
History of American Medicine
Sexuality in 19th & 20th Century America
Updated November 2013
HMED 396.
PHIL 213.
PHIL 317.
PHIL 320.
POLS 250.
POLS 426.
PSYC 265.
PSYC 270.
PSYC 428.
PSYC 471.
RELG 225.
SOCI 309.
SOCI 453.
UHON 395H.
WMNS 201.
WMNS 385.
Humanities in Medicine: Special Topics
Medical Ethics
Philosophy of Science
Ethical Theory
Genetics, Brains, & Politics
Topics in American Public Policy: Health Politics*
Drugs & Behavior
Evolution, Behavior & Society
Health Psychology
Human Sexuality & Society
Science & Religion
Drugs & Society
Sociology of Health & Health Professions
Global Health
Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-gender, Queer/Sexuality
Women, Gender & Science
*Topics in these courses vary, so these classes count only when health care topics are the main focus of
the course.
Updated November 2013
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