New Student Orientation Leaders

1145 King Road, Immaculata, Pennsylvania 19345
Position Title: New Student Orientation Leader (student leadership role)
Organizational Unit: Student Development &
Reports to: Chair Team of NSO and Director of the Office of Student Involvement
Position Summary
As a student leadership role, NSO leader is implementing and leading an orientation program for all new students that provides a sense
of familiarity and comfort with the University; outlines expectations of the University regarding academic responsibility, heritage,
honesty, citizenship, community service, and leadership; exposes new students to academics, campus services, social and extracurricular activities; provides family members an understanding of the adjustments students face in their transition to college.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Act in a proactive manner for all orientation programs, in particular guiding students and guests through the NSO program,
assessing negative behavior and reporting it appropriately, engaging all student leaders as role models and encourage peer to peer
staff motivation.
Specialize in building and demonstrating student expectations, connection and zeal for the IU community.
Attend meetings as scheduled with the NSO Chair Team
Attend all training sessions and organizational meetings for the Orientation Committee/Staff as scheduled in the fall and spring
Prepare and deliver remarks during the orientation program; representing IU and NSO in large and small group settings by role
modeling appropriate student leadership.
Act as a liaison between students, families and guest, NSO Chair Team and the Director of Student Activities and Leadership.
Recruit students to become actively engaged in campus life
Organize and facilitate tasks as outlined by NSO Chairs and within staff material
Summer commitment from June and August (specific dates to be determined)
Arrive back on campus two days prior to fall move-in date for new students to oversee the opening weekend orientation program
(NSO II) as well as Welcome Back Week Activities; assist new students on "First-Year Move-In Day"
Other duties as assigned.
 Excellent team cooperation, leadership, customer service and organizational skills; detail oriented; able to handle
and complete multiple assignments in a timely manner; ability to work independently as well as in a team
environment; creative problem-solver; computer skills
 At least a 2.5 GPA and in good standing with the University (academically and disciplinary)
 Campus leadership roles, demonstrated ability to succeed
Compensation and Benefits:
 Remuneration for room charges (During NSO I and NSO II Sessions only)
 Stipend - $300 Session I- $150
Session II- $150
Revised October 2010