Designing an Evolutionary Method to solve Parameter Estimation

Designing an Evolutionary Method to solve
Parameter Estimation Optimization problems
Susana Gómez
Juan M. Otero
Univ. de la Habana, Cuba
Many dynamical phenomena modeled through partial differential equations,
have unknown coefficients related to the characteristics of the specific site
under study. The estimation of these coefficients or parameters, can be
performed solving a least squares data fitting optimization problem.
We will describe here, the different requirements of some parameter
estimation problems, that should be used to design an Evolutionary Algorithm,
capable to solve successfully these problems.
To illustrate the robustness of these algorithms, we will describe the special
characteristics and the results obtained for 3 applications: the porous media
characterization of fractured oil reservoirs through well-test pressure data, the
identification of hydraulic properties of soils through water content data and
the determination of irrigation agricultural policies through satellite images.
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