Junior Titan Basketball

Junior Titan Basketball-Parent Contract
I/We________________________________, understand the following guidelines for
behavior in regard to our son’s involvement in the Junior Titan Basketball Program. I/We
understand that a failure to observe the following expectations could result in a dismissal
from the program. A full refund is not guaranteed in the event of dismissal.
1. Practice is closed to parents. It is impossible for coaches to coach your son in the
manner necessary with his father/mother seated in the gym. Coaches will be
monitored in their behavior as well.
2. Failure to observe the 24 hour will result in dismissal from the program. The 24
hour rule means a parent will not address a concern with a coach within 24 hours
of a game or practice. Games and situations will arise during the season in which
you will not completely agree with decisions being made by the coach. Please
understand these are volunteers, and addressing them immediately following a
game or practice is unacceptable.