Impetigo – Common skin infection caused by streptococcal or

Impetigo – Common skin infection caused by streptococcal or staphylococcal
Signs and symptoms – Small, red pimples or fluid filled blisters with crusted
honey-colored scabs found most often on the face, but may be anywhere on the
Incubation/Contagious periods –
 Incubation period: Skin sores develop 7-10 days after bacteria attach to
 Contagious period: Until treated with antibiotics for at least 24 hours.
Mode of transmission –
 Direct contact with an infected person or from contaminated surfaces.
 Occurs year round, but most common in warm weather in cut and scraped
skin. Also occurs in cold weather when skin around nose and face is
damaged by runny nasal secretions and nose wiping irritates the skin.
Control measures –
 Exclusion of infected individuals until antibiotic treatment begun for 24
 Good hand washing
 Clip fingernails to reduce spread of germs through contaminated
 If outbreak, consult local health department.
Responsibilities –
 School
o Report possible infection to school designated inspector (SDI). If
SDI concurs with suspicion, notify parent/guardian for immediate
pick up. If student has multiple lesions (greater than 3 dime-size
areas) the student must be evaluated by healthcare provider. A
copy of the impetigo letter will be given to the parent/guardian.
o Isolate child in classroom until parent/guardian pick up.
o Review hand washing technique and clean infected items.
o May send home classroom letter to parents/guardians to inform
them of possible impetigo.
o Obtain documentation of treatment used when returns to school.
Obtain documentation from medical provider if seen by doctor.
o Log students in the Communicable Condition Log.
 Parent/Guardian
o Pick up child immediately and begin necessary treatment for 24
hours before return to school.
o Upon return to school, provide note stating treatment that is being
used (if seen by medical provider, provide documentation from
UCPS 6-05 lsd
Complete course of medication providing school with medication
consent form if treatment required during school hours.
o Education of school personnel, parent/guardian, and student about
impetigo, including its mode of transmission and means of
o Review Communicable Condition Log weekly providing follow up as
indicated or requested.
UCPS 6-05 lsd