Breakfast and Lunch Information

Breakfast and Lunch Information
With all-day kindergarten, your child will have the opportunity to eat breakfast and
lunch. Since this is a new procedure for your child, we would like to provide you with
some important information.
*Free and Reduced Forms-Even if you have older children that will be rolling over on a free or
reduced lunch plan at the beginning of the year, you need to make sure you fill out an
application for everyone in the family (including your kindergartener). This needs to be done by
the first day of school. If you do not have this in place by the first day, you will need to pay full
price until you receive approval for a free or reduced lunch plan. Applications can be turned in
the week before school starts.
If you have questions, please call:
PHONE: 937-547-0244
*Prices-Breakfast-$1.95 per day for full pay and $.30 (30 cents) for reduced.
Lunch-$2.65 per day for full pay and $.40 (40 cents) for reduced
Milk-$.45 (45 cents) per carton
Even if your child qualifies for reduced or free lunches, but chooses to pack and buy a
milk, you will still need to pay $.45 for the milk.
It is recommended that you purchase more than one day at a time. The balance will be
deducted from your child’s lunch card. To view your child’s purchases, check on how much is
left on their card, or add money to their card, you may go to the district web site
( and click on the Lunch Pre-Pay tab to the right. Here you may sign
up for various plans. Depending on the plan you choose, there may be a small yearly fee. If you
wish not to sign up, you may send money in an envelope with your child and it will be added to
their card.
*Breakfast – If you do not want your child to eat breakfast at school, please explain that to
your child. Many times children will get in the line and eat breakfast because they think it’s
something they should do or they are confused about the process. This deducts from the
money that you think is going towards lunches. You will then be charged for the extra meals.
If you want your child to eat breakfast at school, please send a note or email to your child’s
teacher. This eliminates any confusion for both the teacher and the student. The teacher will
make sure that your child knows where to go and what to do.
*Pack lunch-Your child may pack their lunch which will be kept in their bookbag until lunch
time. Please keep in mind, your child’s lunch will not be refrigerated. Please make sure you
pack food that will not spoil or provide ice packs in the lunch.