Wednesday 27th October 2004

Wednesday 27th October 2004
Event Itinerary
5.30-6.00pm Exhibition
6.00 - 6.15pm Welcome speech by The Worshipful The Mayor of Harrow
Councillor Mrs Lurlene Champagnie
6.15-6.30pm Physiotherapeutic management of acute & chronic pain
Sushma Sanghvi (Lecturer Practitioner physiotherapist)
6.30-6.40pm Women’s Health
Helen Arnold (Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist)
6.40-6.50pm Dietetic management of Diabetes and Obesity
Shavina Khosla (Senior Dietician)
6.50-7.10pm Heart Disease & Rehabilitation
Dr. Ameet Bakhai Consultant Cardiologist, Barnet General
7.10-pm Vote of Thanks to the Mayor
Neeta Desor Personal Injuries Lawyer
7.15pm onwards: Reception
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