South Williamsport 9th Grade Survival Guide for Parents and

South Williamsport
9 Grade
Survival Guide for Parents
and Students
District Website
The district has a website with a wealth of information. From this website you may view your student’s grades
by selecting Power School—Parent Connection under the Site Shortcuts. Once there, enter the User Name
and Password. If you do not have your student’s user name or password, they can be obtained from the high
school office.
If you are looking for teacher information, team information, or other specific information concerning the high
school, choose South Williamsport Jr/Sr. High School from the Site Shortcuts, or see the back section for of this
All students requiring ANY medications during the school day are required (School Policy #210) to take
prescribed or across-the-counter medication to the nurse’s office with a note from the parent or legal
guardian stating:
1. Permission to take the medication.
2. Prescribed dosage.
3. Time of dosage.
4. Length of time necessary to take the medication.
This includes aspirin, Tylenol, vitamins, and allergy medication. Students failing to abide by the regulation
and found having ANY medication or look-alike medication in their possession will be subject to immediate
suspension. Cough drops may be carried by the student as long as they have a note from a parent or legal
Important Contact Information
School Office:
South Williamsport Junior/Senior High School: 326-2684
Jesse Smith, Principal (ext. 4450)
[email protected]
Matt Fisher, Assistant Principal
[email protected]
(ext. 4451)
Scott Hill, Athletic Director & Student Activities Director
(ext. 4449)
[email protected]
Nurse’s Office:
Cheryl Schonewolf, Nurse (ext. 4448) [email protected]
Marilyn Huff, Nurse
Guidance Counselor:
Lisa Laidacker (ext. 4446)
[email protected]
9th Grade Team Contact Information
Phone and Email:
Math—Mr. Dave Rovenolt; ext. 3206 or by email @ [email protected]
English—Mrs. Michele Loomis; ext. 3209 or by email @ [email protected]
American History—Mr. Richard Zalonis; ext. 3221 or by email @ [email protected]
Biology—Mr. Scott Manning; ext. 3224 or by email @ [email protected]
Learning Support—Mrs. Hilarie German; ext. 3013 or by email @ [email protected]
Learning Support, Work-Based Coordinator, Transition Coordinator—Mrs. Jeanette Green;
ext. 3214 or by email @ [email protected]
To Contact the entire 9th Grade Team:
 Call extension 3221 between 11:00am and 11:30am when all team members meet in this room.
 Conferences can also be held during this time period if the team is notified in advance.
Supplies for 9th Graders
 3—ring binder with pockets or folder
 Calculator will be supplied
 Large 3—ring binder
American History
 Spiral Notebook
 Pocket Folder
 3—ring binder
 Colored pencils
Elective Program
Elective courses are a valuable opportunity for your student to experience classes that are outside the
required subject matter. These courses allow students to explore programs that pique their interest, appeal
to a vocation or career, or further develop a topic they are curious about. Below is a list of elective teachers
along with their area of interest within that program. If your interest coincides with theirs, then you may be
interested in taking one of the elective courses they offer.
Art Department
Mrs. Betsy Jones
Ext. 3117
[email protected]
Working with your hands/Developing an appreciation for the arts/Tapping into your hidden artist
Business and Technology Department
Mrs. Jennifer Kimball
Ext. 3217
[email protected]
Mrs. Michelle McGee
Ext. 3228
[email protected]
Mr. Adam Rubert
Ext. 3213
[email protected]
Mr. Mike Steppe
Ext. 3225
[email protected]
Skills to ensure financial well-being/How to start & create your own business/Computer software
applications/Creating signs, brochures, programs, banners, invitations, and cards/Digital photography and
manipulation/Film and video production and editing/Broadcasting/Music Recording/Audio Production
Family and Consumer Science Department
Mrs. Patty Schick
Ext. 3226
[email protected]
Child development/Food preparation/Quilting
Foreign Language Department
Mrs. Celeste Ryan
Ext. 3200
[email protected]
Miss Stephanie Smith
Ext. 3202
[email protected]
Learn a new language and culture—holidays, traditions, folklore, music, cuisine, social issues, word origins
Industrial Arts Department
Mr. Bill Reighard
Ext. 3229
[email protected]
Mr. Mike Steppe
Ext. 3225
[email protected]
Creating with your hands/Using power tools/Creating 3-dimensional models on the computer
Music Department
Mrs. Jessica Kaledas
Ext. 3113
[email protected]
Mrs. Robyn Rummings
Ext. 3115
[email protected]
Music/Music theory/Playing an instrument/Singing/Read music
Physical Education and Health Department
Miss Sandy Hess
Ext. 3004
[email protected]
Mr. Dan Williamson
Ext. 3005
[email protected]
Healthy competition/Active lifestyle/Life-long fitness/Team sports, strategies, adventure sports
Science Department
Mr. Jim Robbins
Ext. 3218
[email protected]
How things work/Principles that govern our existence