Newsletter 12th November 2013

12th November 2013
Dear Parents and Carers,
Children in Need Day
On Friday 15th November it is Children in Need Day. All
children are invited to come to school in non-uniform for
the day and bring a donation. All proceeds will go to
Children in Need.
Free School Meal Entitlement
We have received a letter from Torfaen Catering
explaining that some parents may be entitled to free
school meals and they are not claiming for them. If you
are entitled to any of the following, your child may
be eligible for free meals;
Child Tax Credit, but not Working Tax Credit, with an
annual income less than £16,190
Income Support
Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance
Income-Related Employment and Support aAllowance
The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
Support under the Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum
Act 1999
If you think your child is entitled to free lunches, please
contact Joanne Morgan on 01633 647715 or email or
School Access
There have been anumber of issues reported to the
Governors and I again recently regarding parents driving
on to the school premises.
The school site was never designed to allow the volume of
traffic we experience on a daily basis. Regardless of all
the work that has been undertaken to find a solution, the
problem remains. Parents driving on to the premises cause
a serious health and safety issue for pupils and adults
walking in to school.
The Governors and I would like to respectfully request
that parents follow the signs on the gates, which ask that,
for safety reasons, they do not drive on to the site.
A suggestion has been made for some kind of security
person to manage the gates in the mornings and afternoons.
If any one is interested in volunteering for this position,
please either come in to see me or email me at
Christmas Lunch Day
This will be held on Thursday 5th December. There will be
a letter going out over the next couple of weeks for
parents to order their child or children a lunch for that
Yours sincerely,
Miss D Ward