Douglass Elementary School

Douglass Elementary School
SIT Meeting
Monday, February 9, 2014
School Performance Grade
A list of students for retention needs to be sent to Mrs. McKinney and Stephanie Prunty
by Wednesday, February 11th. We will schedule a retention meeting within the next few
weeks. Mrs. McKinney requests an in depth explanation as to WHY the student needs to
be retained as she will meet with the parents. Report cards and any student portfolio
should reflect this cause. (New interventions)
o please make sure your grades reflect what the student has absolutely made.
Any portfolio that you have created for your student it should support
o Be sure to bring ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION to the meeting.
o PEP is a ‘WORKING’ document so
Review School Improvement Plan as to where we are at this point of the year and are
there any changes that need to be made in March for the review.
o SIP is a working document and we should view it regularly to see if there are
any changes that should be addressed.
o June is the next time the SIP needs to be reviewed to see how close we came
to meeting our goals.
Moving Up Night could possibly be in 2 parts with the inclusion of Career Development
Sessions. Our plan at this time is for All K-2 will do their Moving UP presentations
in the gym while 3-5 attends the 4 rotating sessions from 6-6:40 then switch for
the 6:45-7:30 with 3-5 Moving Up Presentation and K-2 4 rotating sessions.
o Career Development to assist the transisition from elementary, middle and
o 3-4 in Gym and 5th grade can meet for “MOVING OUT” in Carroll’s class.
Develop the 2015-16 Master Schedule
o This is a plan developed by each grade level for the whole school. We will
meet collectively to decide on final schedule.
o During ‘off’ time Enhancement teachers will need to be assisting with
remediation as well.
Remediation Planning
o Remediation should be from the beginning of March until May 28th.
o You need to do something differently than what has been done.
Questions or Concerns
o Becky discussed her research
o Trout Release March-April
o Catch The Reading bug March 12th- one teacher per grade level to attend the
event. That person needs to stay for at least one hour. Mrs. Pittman and
Mr. Curtis will develop a schedule for the number of teachers needed that day
and time they will attend.
 Interim Reports Issued - February 23-27th
 Math Madness - K-2 March 9th & 3-5 March 10th 8:30 AM
 Retention Meeting 1 - March 12th
 Make and Take EOG Night - March 26th 6:00-7:30 PM
 3-5 Cumulative Benchmark Testing - April 7th - 10th
 Interim Reports - May 4th - 8th
 Jean Week & Teacher Appreciation Week - May 4th - 8th
 K-2 Retention Committee Meeting - May 11th
 Moving Up Night - May 14th 6:00-7:30 PM
 Kindergarten Water Day - May 28th (tentative)
 Field Day - May 29th (no rain make-up)
 EOG Pep Rally - June 1st 12:30 PM
 EOG Testing o ELA - June 2nd
o Math - June 3rd
o Science - June 5th
 3-5 Retention Committee Meeting - June 8th
 K-5 Academic Assemblies - June 8th
 3rd Grade RtA Test - June 9th
 Kindergarten Graduation - June 10th 8:30 AM
 5th Grade Graduation - June 11th 8:30 AM