Slides Group 3

Does Morality depends
on Religion?
Summary of Elements of Moral Philosophy
(Rachels), Chapter 4
Course: Technology, Research and Ethics
Group 3: Benny, Tao, Ruth
4.1 The presumed connection
between Morality and Religion (Tao)
O Inseparable:Commonly, people believe that
morality can be understood only in the context of
O the nonreligious: The universe seems to be a
old,meaningless place,devoid of value and purpose
O the religious :The world was created by a loving allpowerful God to provide a home for us. In turn, we
were created in his image, to be his children. Thus
the world is not devoid of meaning and purpose.
4.2 The Divine Command Theory
O This theory says that morally right means
commandes by God and morally wrong means
forbidden by God.
O Dilemma: Is conduct right because gods command it,
or do gods command it because it is right?
1 Regarding God’s commands as arbitrary
2 a standard of right and wrong that is independent of
god’s will and command.
4.3 The Theory of Natural Law
O The world is a rational order
O Moral laws derived from natural order
O Confusion of is and ought
O Moral knowledge independent of religion
4.4 Religion and Particular Moral
Issues (Ruth)
O Moral views not derived from religions commitments
O Abortion: The Scriptures ‘unclear’
O Abortion: Church Traditions ‘changing views’
O Reinterpretation by every generation to support it’s
favored moral views
O Morality and religion are different