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John von Neumann:
Multifaceted Genius
Bixin Chen, COMP 1631, Winter
“ There are two kinds of people in the world:
Johnny von Neumann and the rest of us.”--Eugene Wigner, a Nobel Prize–winning
• Background
• Contributions
---Nuclear Physics
---Computer Science
• Conclusion
• Nationalities:
Hungarian American
• 1903.12.181957.02.08
• Academic area:
computer science,
physics, politics,
Set theory
---deals with the fundamental concept of sets
and functions ---used everywhere in
the Ratio of the Mean Square
Successive Difference to the Variance
Cellular Automation
Is a decentralized
computing model
providing an
excellent platform for
performing complex
computation with the
help of only local
Nuclear Physics
• Quantum Mechanics
----- the nature of atomic particles and
the laws that govern their actions
• developing the "implosion lens" of high
--- compress the plutonium.
• Game Theory
---Minimax Theorem: Existence of a
saddle-point solution to 2 person, zero
sum games
“Theory of Games and
Economic Behavior”
classic work upon which modern-day game
theory is based.
revolutionize economics
used to analyze a host of real-world phenomena
from arms races to optimal policy choices of
presidential candidates
Computer Architecture
• Proposed “Electronic Discrete Variable
Automatic Computer” (EDVAC) in
1950, including:
---Binary System
---stored program
---conditional control transfer
The design of a computer that handled
two digits instead of 10 was infinitely
more simplified.
Cost was reduced
reliability improved
Why is EDVAC important?
Both the data and the program be stored
in memory at the same time
Programs could be changed with the
same speed and ease as data
John Von Neumann Theory prize
--- awarded annually to a scholar(s) who has made
fundamental, sustained contributions to theory
in operations research and the management
IEEE John von Neumann Medal
---outstanding achievements in computer-related
science and technology.
The proposal laid out the concepts behind
the modern electronic digital computer!
John von Neumann had great on:
-Computer Science
Still, he has influences on science
development, like IEEE John von Neumann
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