Chapter 2.
5. A piece of communication equipment has two stages of amplification with gains of 40
and 60 and two loss stages with attenuation factor of 0.03 and 0.075. The output voltage
is 2.2 V. What are the overall gain (or attenuation) and the input voltage?
21. What circuit Q is required to give a bandwidth of 36 MHz at a frequency of 4 GHz?
22. Find the impedance of a parallel resonant circuit with L=60 H, RW=7 ohm,
and C=22 pF.
25. A low-pass filter has a cutoff frequency of 24 MHz. What is the fastest rise time that
a rectangular wave that will pass through the filter can have?
C9. What is the minimum bandwidth needed to pass a periodic pulse train whose frequency
is 28.8 kHz and duty cycle is 20 %? 50 %?
Active Filter Design
Please design two LPFs and two BPFs using Sallen-key
and MFB circuit topology. The specifications of the filters
are as follows:
BW: 1 MHz ~20 MHz
Gain: > 5
Operation frequency: 1 MHz~20 MHz
BW: 100 kHz ~2 MHz
Gain: > 3