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Natalie Babbitt
Things to know
Birth: 1932-07-28
Born: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Nationality: USA
School: Smith College (B.A.1954)
Organizations: National Children's Book and Literacy
Alliance, PEN, Authors league of America, Authors Guild
• Awards and Honors: Children’s Literature festival award,
Keene State College, for the body of her work (1993)
Books written by Natalie
Tuck Everlasting
The Search for Delicious
Kneeknock Rise
The Eyes of the Amaryllis
Jack Plank Tells Tales
The Devil’s Storybook (sunburst book)
Goody Hall
The Devil’s Other Storybook
Phoebes Revolt (a sunburst book)
& Many more...
More books…
The Something
Bub: Or the Very Best Thing
Elsie Times Eight
Herbert Rowbarge
Nellie: A Cat On Her Own
All The Small Poems
Dick Foote and the shark
• Natalie married Samuel Fisher Babbitt, an
academic administrator, right after
graduation and spent the next ten years in
Connecticut, Tennessee, and Washington
D.C. She had three kids Christopher (born
in 1956), Tom (1958), and Lucy (1960).
Bub Summary
• A king and queen are determined to identify the “one and only very
best thing” for their son, but what can it be? The king is sure the
answer will be found in books. The queen asks everyone she
encounters in the palace. After receiving an array of answers from
the “experts,” the frustrated woman asks the cook's daughter's
advice. The girl suggests they ask the prince. The parents don't
understand his response, but the cook's daughter (and readers)
know that “bub” means love. The timeless message is delivered with
humor and a light touch. Framed pastel paintings feature the royal
family, their faithful aides, and their loyal pet, a comical dog dressed
as a court jester.
-The search for Delicious-
The search for Delicious Summary
• Its about a King who would like to find a
really good definition for the word
"Delicious" and He meets a boy named
Gaylen but his real name is Vaungaylen.
And the king thinks that apples are
delicious but Gaylen doesn't think apples
are the best choice, so the king decides
that Gaylen should ask all the people
about what they think for delicious.
-Jack Plank Tells Tales-
Jack Plank Tells Tales Summary
• Pirate Jack Plank is let go from the only job he's ever known. Left in
Jamaica with a small bag of gold coins. Jack finds shelter in a
boarding house, where he befriends owner Mrs.DelFresno, her
daughter Nina, and the other boarders. Nina and the other boarders
try to help Jack find a new profession, but each time someone
suggests a job Jack responds with one of his many high-seas
adventure stories. Jack's pirate stories whisk Mrs.DelFresno, Nina,
and the other boarders away to exotic tropical beaches and dark
angry seas, places where magic is possible and danger lurks
around every corner. Through a process of elimination and careful
evaluation of Jack's talents, the group eventually comes up with the
perfect job for their friend.
-Tuck everlasting-
Tuck Everlasting Summary
• This book is about a girl named Winnie, who decided to run away
one day with a family named the Tucks. The Tucks secret is that
they're immortal. They drank water from a spring that was actually a
fountain of youth (found in Winnies family's woods). Till the end of
time, they will stay this way. Winnie falls in love with one of the
Tucks, Jesse, a "17" year old boy who shares the same feelings for
her. Scared of death, Winnie must choose between being immortal
and being with Jesse or following the circle of life and dying
Ouch! Summary
• When a baby boy's royal marriage is
foretold, it's happy news to a family that
was nobody special, but not happy news
to the King, who plots to prevent the
inevitable. Babbitt's text is seamless,
winsomely funny, and perfectly paced.
Marcellino picks up the liveliness and wit
in luminous, beautifully composed
Babbitt wrote Phoebe’s Revolt in 1968
The Search for Delicious in1969
Knee Knock Rise in 1970
The Something in 1970
Goody Hall in 1971
The Devils Storybook in1974,
Tuck Everlasting in 1975
The Eyes of the Amaryllis in 1977
Herbert Row Barge in 1982
The Devils Other Storybook and Nellie: A Cat On Her Own in 1987
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