54321 Rivers Round

You will see a photo of 10 rivers from around the world
and four written clues, if you can identify it from the
photo you get 5 points, if after the first clue 4 points,
after the second clue 3 points and so on...
River 1
River 1
 This river is 215 miles long.
 It rises in a field near Cirencester in Gloucestershire
and flows through 6 counties on its way to the North
 On its waters is held the annual University Boat Race
between Cambridge and Oxford.
 It is the most well know river in the UK because it
flows through the capital city, London.
River 2
River 2
 This river is 4,132 miles long.
 It has two main tributaries – one rising in Rwanda and
the other in the Ethiopian Highlands.
 It’s waters are a vital life source for farmers throughout
its length and have been so since the days of pharaohs.
 It is the longest river in the world travelling North
trough Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea.
River 3
River 3
 This river is 4,000 miles long.
 It’s waters support in excess of 3,000 different species
of fish.
 It has multiple tributaries, all of which rise in Peru and
 It is the largest river by discharge (the amount of water
flowing through it) in the world and travels through
Brazil into the Atlantic Ocean.
River 4
River 4
 This river is 3,915 miles long.
 It’s local name is Chang Jiang, it rises in Qinghai
Provence and discharges into the South China Sea.
 It is the third largest river in the world and along its
course is the Three Gorges Dam – the world’s largest
hydro-electric power station.
 It acts as the dividing line between North and South
China and flows through the capital city, Shanghai.
River 5
River 5
 This river is 820 miles long.
 It rises in the Swiss Alps and on it’s journey
northwards it’s largest tributary is the River Mosel.
 It is one of the largest rivers in Europe and is still today
a major ‘motorway’ for barges carrying anything from
coal to potatoes.
 It is the main contributor to the North Sea and flows
through Germany and The Netherlands on its way to
the sea.
River 6
River 6
 This river is 220 miles long.
 It rises in the Cambrian Mountains of mid-Wales.
 It is the longest river in the UK and for much of its
journey to the sea forms the boarder between Wales
and England.
 It is famous for having a tidal bore – a waves which
travels up the river with each incoming tide – this wave
can be ridden by surfers.
River 7
River 7
 This river is 2,320 miles long.
 It rises in the Rocky Mountains and drains the
majority of the central part of the USA.
 It is the longest river in the USA and it has 43 dams
along its course to moderate its flow.
 It is said to be the world’s most controlled river due to
the amount of engineering used to control it’s flood
risk, although it broke through its levees in New
Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
River 8
River 8
 This river is 482 miles long.
 It rises in Burgundy and is only navigable by ocean
going vessels for 10% of the length.
 It is a one of the major rivers in Europe but is also the
slowest flowing, it is also famous for being spanned by
37 bridges in the capital city it flows through.
 It’s banks through central Paris are declared a United
Nations World Heritage Site.
River 9
River 9
 This river is 1,450 miles long.
 It rises in Mid West of the USA and is famous for
sometimes not having any water left in it by the time it
discharges into the Gulf of Mexico.
 It is one of the world’s great rivers, not least because of
the fact that along its course is the Grand Canyon.
 Many of the dams along its course are named after US
Presidents – Hoover, Roosevelt,...
River 10
River 10
 This river is 1,560 miles long.
 It rises from the Gangotri Glacier on the India/
Himalayan border in the highest mountain region on
 It is a river closely linked to the religion of the country
through which it flows, its banks are a site of
pilgrimage for many thousands of Indians each year.
 The river flows into the Indian Ocean, its delta
(combined with that of two other rivers) makes up the
country of Bangladesh.
 1 = River Thames
 2 = River Nile
 3 = River Amazon
 4 = River Yangtze
 5 = River Rhine
 6 = River Severn
 7 = River Mississippi
 8 = River Seine
 9 = River Colorado
 10 = River Ganges
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