Review of Hydraulic Flood Modeling – Software used in Belgium

International Perspectives in Water Resource Science and Management
Review of Hydraulic Flood Modeling Software Used in
Belgium, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom
Daniel Gilles and Matthew Moore
Photo: Environment Agency
Belgium: Flanders Hydraulics Research
• Division of Public Works of the Flemish
• Manages waterways, maintains sensor
network and operates countrywide Flood
Forecasting System
• Utilizes the MIKE FLOOD WATCH
software to release real-time flood
forecasting and warning
• River stages are modeled using MIKE 11
and Coupled 1D/2D MIKE Flood Models,
status exported to ArcGIS Interface
The Netherlands: Deltares
• Dutch –based research institute
• Developer of many software
packages: Delft3D, SOBEK,
• Delft-FEWS is meant to act as a
shell to manage external data and
exchange data between models
• Currently compatible with HEC-RAS,
• Can be used in stand alone
environment, or as a J2EE (JAVA 2)
compliant client-server application
• Developed Environment Agency
(UK) National Flood Forecasting
System using Delft-FEWS
United Kingdom: Environment Agency
• Executive Non-departmental Public
Body responsible to the Secretary of
State for Environment
• Maintain sensor network (750 rain
gauges, 1500 river level/flow sensors,
100 coastal gauges) (Iowa has ~156)
• Operate the National Flood
Forecasting System (NFFS)
developed from Delft-FEWS, cost to
develop system and new models ~
United Kingdom: Environment Agency
• Variety of Modeling and Techniques
for forecasting floods
• Upstream/downstream river
level correlation
• Rainfall to river level correlation
(not accurate, used for farthest
upstream gauges)
• Rainfall-runoff modeling
• Routing modeling
• 1D Hydrodynamic modeling
(ISIS or Mike 11)
• Forecast Centres rely on simple
hydraulic models , 1D models being
the most detailed used in Real-Time
• Inundation mapping products are not
available online, warnings are based
entirely on river stage at gauge
• Development of a wrapper for the
various models is a challenge, but
may be changing with OpenMI
compatible software