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How to find a Summer
Research Experience
Dr. Valone
Department of Biology
Saint Louis University
Summer Research Opportunities
National Science Foundation Program
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Summer REU Programs
All fields of Biology (Molecular Biosciences, Biochemistry, Ecology,
Evolution, Microbiology, etc.)
Universities (& Medical Schools) in the U.S. but some
are located in foreign countries. 146 REU
opportunities are currently listed on the NSF site
NSF Summer REU Programs
Involves student research guided by a mentor:
- 10 week program
- $5,000 stipend
- Free housing, food stipend
- Some travel money
- May go to a scientific conference
- Often present your results at a research day
NSF REU website
Chicago Botanic Garden
REU Site: Plant Biology & Conservation
Research Experiences for Undergraduates From Genes to Ecosystems
Plant Science and Conservation
Glencoe, Illinois
Primary: Dan Larkin
[email protected]
Secondary: Jeremie Fant
(847) 835-6959
[email protected]
Research Topics/Keywords:conservation biology, ecology,
evolution, genetics, habitat, invasive species, plants, pollination,
restoration, soil science, systematics
Abstract of Award
City College of New York
REU Site: Research Opportunities in Biology
New York, New York
Primary: Christine Li
[email protected]
Secondary: Jonathan B. Levitt
[email protected]
Research Topics/Keywords: systems & molecular neurobiology,
molecular evolution, conservation biology, immunity, bacterial
Comments: Christine Klusko
Abstract of Award
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
REU Site: CSHL NSF-REU Bioinformatics and
Computational Biology Summer Undergraduate
Watson School of Biological Sciences
Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Primary: Michael Schatz
(516) 367-5218
[email protected]
Secondary: Anne Churchland
[email protected]
Research Topics/Keywords:Computational Biology,
Bioinformatics, Genomics, Statistics, Quantative Biology
Comments: Program Coordinator- Keisha John 516-367-6909
[email protected]
Abstract of Award
Brandeis University REU – Visual Sciences
10-week period May 28th - August 1st, 2014. A $5,000 stipend, plus housing
costs and meal allowances is awarded to each student.
Students will be matched with a faculty researcher, who will mentor the student
through an independent research project. Students will develop a written
synopsis of their summer work and will participate in a capstone symposium
including poster presentations.
Applications and all supporting materials are due February 15, 2014.
Be prepared to answer the following two essay questions:
Describe your previous research experience. Be sure to include institution name,
lab/PI name and dates for each experience (optional).
Describe your academic and research goals. Be sure to include how participation
in this program would help you achieve these goals.
A digital, unofficial complete transcript, including fall semester grades of the
current year.
Recommendation letters from two faculty members. Letters must be submitted
from a university email address with "REU Recommendation" and the Student's
name in the subject heading.
NSF Summer REU Programs
How do I apply?
1. Find a program (NSF web site)
2. Apply on-line
- Applications are typically due in the spring
(February - April)
NSF Summer REU Programs
How do I get in?
1. Find a program whose research area
matches your interests.
2. Contact the listed primary or secondary
contact person on the website.
- Are they taking students this summer?
- What are they looking for in potential students?
NSF Summer REU Programs
- Find faculty who can write strong letters of
- Work on your statement of research
experience and academic, career, and research
goals. How will the REU help you achieve
your goals?
Local Research Opportunities
The St. Louis region has many opportunities
for summer research in the life sciences
Many are internship programs
Local Internship Programs
Missouri Botanical Garden (Research and
Education Internships)
Horticulture Internships
Shaw Nature Reserve
Litzinger Road Ecology Center
The Butterfly House
Seed Bank Program
12 Week programs (mid-May – Mid-August)
Paid positions: 40 hours per week
Local Internship Programs
St. Louis Zoo
Summer Research Internship program
20 hours per week
6 weeks minimum
No stipend, credit possible
Research on Behavior, Endocrinology, Reproduction, Nutrition,
Local Internship Programs
Missouri Department of Conservation
Internship opportunities available periodically
Paid and unpaid internships available
Summer internship program
Seed Physiology, Plant chemistry, Genome data,
Vegetable breeding, Molecular genotyping, …
Local Internship Programs
Danforth Center
11 week summer program
Partially funded by NSF REU
Bioremediation, Bioenergy, Cellular signaling,
Structural biology, etc.
Local Internship Programs
Pfizer Pharmaceutical
Summer internships typically offer full-time (40
hours per week) experiential training opportunities
for a period of 12 weeks.
Online application available in December
Local Internship Programs
Requirements include:
* Completion of at least one year of college education before beginning
* Excellent academic record
* Demonstrated core competencies, communication, and leadership skills
Areas: Enzyme Analysis, Chromatography, Molecular Biology, Wet
Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Cell Biology.
Local Internship Programs
SLU Biology Labs
Many opportunities to get involved in research here in
Macelwane or in the field with SLU Biology faculty
Check out Faculty member’s interests on the Biology
Website and contact the person via email
Drop by their lab and ask about possible opportunities
Many students volunteer before getting paid positions
Senior Inquiry
Persistence pays off!
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