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Uses and Effects
 To improve the texture of dry, flaky and rough skin
due to the desquamating effect of the heads.
 To relieve muscular tension, aches and pains due to
the rapid removal of waste products, such as lactic
 To improve poor circulation due to the increased
blood supply. The increased arterial circulation will
bring oxygenated blood and nutrients to the area,
the metabolic rate will be increased therefore
improving the condition of the tissues.
 For spot reduction of fatty deposits in conjunction
with other treatments, diet and exercise. The
deeper the pressure on the adipose tissue and
increased circulation to the area will aid in the
dispersion of fatty deposits.
Effleurage -sponge heads used at the beginning and end of
the treatment to produce Erythema and to relax the client.
 Round sponge – used with light pressure for general
 Curved sponge – moulds to limbs and shoulders.
- hard rubber heads to provide depth to the
 Heavy pronged applicator – used on areas of solid
subcutaneous fat.
 Football applicator – used on dense areas such as
the gluteals and for kneading.
 Egg box applicator – used with deep pressure on
fleshy areas such as the thighs and gluteals.
 Lighthouse applicator – used either side of the
spine, but great care must be taken to avoid
irritation or damage to the vertebrae.
Tapotement -
effective for desquamation and to
produce erythema
 Pin cushion applicator – effective for the treatment
of rough skin.
 Sucker
applicator – suitable for the treatment of
 It adds a variety to a treatment routine.
 It is far less personal than manual massage and is
therefore ideal for treating male clients.
 It can produce a much deeper massage.
 It is far less tiring for the therapist.
 It is motivating for clients on weight reduction
 It can be time saving and therefore increase profits.
 The therapist should perform some manual massage
movements with the mechanical applicator,
combining the depth of the vibratory treatment
with the personal touch and continuity of the
manual massage.
 Talcum powder is the only medium is used oil will
split and disintegrate because the heads are made
from rubber. All heads should be washed with hot
water and detergent and allowed to try before and
after use.
Safety Precautions
 Check for contra indications
 Hold the head away from the client when switching
on just in case the head is insecure and comes off.
 Keep the head surface parallel to the surface of the
body and adapt to the body contours.
 Do not use heavily over bony areas or over the
abdomen with poor muscle tone.
 Do not over treat one area, keep the head moving.
Heavy and prolonged treatments can cause bruising
and dilated capillaries
Contra indications to mechanical
 Skin disease and
 Glandular swelling
 Bruises, cut and
 Recent scar tissue
 Sunburn
 Sensitive and fine skin
 Loose creepy skin
 Oedema
 Highly vascular
 Varicose veins
 Thrombosis or phlebitis
 Bony areas
 Very hairy areas
 Epilepsy
 Diabetes
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