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Diabetes ???
Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in
the world, in which the body cannot properly convert food
into energy. Diabetics must be always cautious about the
source of their calorie intake.
Diabetics have greater needs of nutritional supplements for
fulfilling the metabolic requirements of the body. Non
starchy veggies, skimmed milk, lean chicken, high fiber
fruits and low glycemic food products are smart choices for
an informed diabetic.
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About Us
Owing to efficient implementation of our thorough
knowledge and research of the health care industry, our
assortment of health care and dietary supplements has
been widely appreciated by our clients across the country.
Our products contributes in improving the health as these
carry dietary fibers, proteins, and minerals which delivers
higher energy levels. Our strong quality standards and
qualified manufacturing process promises and delivers
high-end quality products to ensure that end users
enhance their health and life.
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Vision Statement
We at Active Aayu, aim at promoting healthy life style and well
being of our esteemed customers. Our focus is:
• To eliminate the nutritional and health imbalances in a human body.
• To provide result oriented products to the customer.
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Mission Statement
Our goal is that of a multi-faceted success. Our first
responsibility is to the financial well-being of the business.
We will meet this goal while trying to consider :
• Quality
• New product Development
• High end Research & Development
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Success Mantra
•High quality products @ advanced technology.
•We value our customers opinion.
•Use our vast experience and insights for improved products.
•Stay abreast with international developments.
•Continuous innovation to be globally competitive.
•Growth through "Intrapreneurship".
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Facts & Figures
• Currently, At least 171 million people worldwide have diabetes;
This figure is likely to be more than double by 2030.
• Almost 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low and middle-income
• The urban population of India is 11% diabetic affected and rural
is 3%.
• Diabetes in Asians is five times the rate of the white population
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Diabetes Prevalence
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Product & Nutrition
Proper diet is essential for diabetic treatment. It helps patients
suffering from diabetes in their course of treatment. It provides
relief from symptoms and various complications in diabetics.
Many diabetic patients can control their blood glucose by losing
weight and that is possible only by proper diet.
Make a difference by introducing Active Aayu
products in your diet and feel fit and energetic all
day long!
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anti-Diabetic (wheat less) Atta
The Anti Diabetic Atta is a combination of various grains, where
the concentration of dietary fibres, minerals & proteins is more.
All these things helps our body to cope with diabetes which is
basically caused due to lack of insulin in the body.
The amount of insulin, required to break down the sugar in the
body, is reduced in diabetic people. This atta helps diabetic
people to cope with this problem in a healthy manner. Nondiabetic people with diabetic history in family can also use this
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anti-Diabetic (wheat less) Atta
•Made with Whole Grains
•100% natural
•Rich in Dietary Fibers
•Rich in Proteins & Iron
•0% wheat
•Good For Heart
•Remedy to High-Cholestrol
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