Driving after a Stroke

Driving after a Stroke
‘Information on returning to driving should
be provided to stroke patients and families
before leaving hospital and further
supported in the community’ (RCP
Guidelines for Stroke 2008)
There is legislation governing whether
people can drive after they have had a
After a stroke or TIA the person cannot drive
for at least a month. After a month they
can only drive if their doctor is confident
they have made a satisfactory recovery –
be aware of hemianopia, neglect, cognitive
and executive problems
If the person has not made a satisfactory
recovery within one month after a stroke,
they must inform the DVLA
If health-care professionals are not sure if
the person is fit enough to drive, they
should refer them to the local Driving
Assessment Service
The insurance company needs to be
Blue Badge Parking Scheme – this offers a range of
parking benefits for people with disabilities. The
Department of Transport has a booklet about the
scheme. Helpline 0161 367 0009
Forum of Mobility Centres – a network of 17 independent
organisations who offer professional high quality
information, advice and assessment
0800 559 3636
At a glance guide to the current Medical Standards of
Fitness to Drive for Medical Practitioners.
Scottish Driving Assessment Service, Astley Ainslie
Hospital, Edinburgh, 0131 537 9192
CHSS fact sheet F9
Stroke Association fact sheet 02