Omsk State Medical Academy

Welcome to Omsk!
Omsk was founded by Buchgolts in 1716.
It is a stunning and beautiful city in West Siberia;
it sparkles and has a lot of the architectural
details that anyone misses. Omsk is situated on
the banks of the Irtish and Om rivers.
Population is over 1.5 million people.
The Omsk State Medical Academy
is the oldest one in Siberia
 1920 – the Omsk State Medical Academy was
founded as the Medical Faculty at the Siberian
University for Veterinary and Zoology
 1921 – Medical Faculty was reorganized into WestSiberian State Medical University
 1925 – West-Siberian State Medical University was
renamed into the Omsk State Medical Institute.
 1994 – the Omsk State Medical Institute was renamed
into the Omsk State Medical Academy.
Omsk State Medical Academy
The Academy is going
to celebrate
its 90th anniversary
in November 2010!
Omsk State Medical Academy
 Over 40 000 doctors graduated from the Academy for
this period
 Our faculties :
 General Medicine
 Pediatrics
 Dentistry
 Preventive Medicine
 Pharmacy
Over 5000 students
Omsk State Medical Academy
Today the Academy is the largest and most prestigious
educational institution in West Siberia with 61
The faculty of the Academy consists of
126 Full Professors
345 Professor Associates and Professor Assistances
5 Заслуженных деятелей науки
3 Honored Teachers of the Higher School
13 Honored Physicians of the Russian Federation
37 Honored specialists in the Public Health Care
1 Honored specialist in the Public Care
Omsk State Medical Academy
 Clinical Departments of the Academy are located at the principal
hospitals in Omsk.
 One of the crucial parts of the clinical departments’ activity has
been consultancy and therapeutic work.
 The Academic staff has been working together with physicians
providing consultations in severe and complicated cases.
 They do surgeries,
develop and adopt modern
diagnostic techniques and
treatment modes.
 The result of such productive
and joint activity is articles
in scientific journals,
participation in Russian and International
Conferences and Congresses,
defence of PhD and doctoral theses.
Omsk State Medical Academy
Postgraduate Education :
 Clinical internship – 29 specialties
 Clinical residency – 45 specialties
 Postgraduate study - 34 specialties
 Doctorate programme on pathologic anatomy
 1. Actual problems of reproductive health protection and
pediatric pathology in Omsk region.
2. Medical and social problems in addictology in a large
industrial center.
3. Development and clinical approbation of new
techniques and technical means in surgery.
4. Regional infections pathology peculiarities: monitoring,
clinical analysis, epidemiological supervision programs,
secondary immunodeficiency.
5. Social and hygienic aspects of population health in
Omsk region.
6. Urgent and terminal states: problems of pathogenesis,
clinics, diagnosis and treatment.
7. Dental diseases of population living in Siberia and the
Northern Regions.
8. Improvement of medicines supply for population in
Siberian Region. .
International Collaboration
2002 –
the Agreement on Cooperation amid
the Omsk State Medical Academy and
the Medical Faculty of the University of Strasbourg.
Prolonged in 2007.
the Agreement on Cooperation
amid OSMA and
the University of Luxembourg.
Duration – 5years.
International Projects
2006 - 2009
Grant Tempus JEP 26029-2005
Budget: 470 000 Euro
Objective: Modernization of Training Courses for
Oncology Service in Omsk Region
University of Strasbourg
University of Luxembourg
Omsk Regional Clinical Oncologic Center
Ministry of Public Health, Omsk
N.N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center,
International projects
2010 - 2012
Structural Measures
Budget: 776 600 Euro
Objective: Life-Long-Learning
Framework for Medical University
Teaching Staff
5 EC universities
6 Russian Medical Universities
Ministry for Public Health and
Social Development , Russia
Student Exchange and Academic Mobility
OSMA became a member of the
International Federation of Medical
Students Associations (IFMSA).
Over 70 students have been
participants of this programme for
14 years.
OSMA became a member of the
International Association of Dental
Students (IADS).
Academic mobility
Awarded by
DAAD stipendium for
2 week studying and
familiarization trip to
Germany for 14 clinical
students of
the Omsk
State Medical Academy
Academic mobility
Programme included visiting the following clinics and
Charite, Berlin
Berlin Accident Clinic
Meoclinic, Berlin
Medical Faculty and Clinics of Friedrich Schiller
University, Yena
Medical Faculty and Clinics of Dresden Technical
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