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Motorcycling Ireland
Seminar of the
What is an Anti Doping
Presence of a prohibited Substance or it’s
Metabolites or Marker in a Rider’ sample
Use or Attempted use by a Rider of a prohibited
Substance or a Prohibited Method
Evading , Refusing or Failing to Submit to Sample
Tampering or Attempted tampering with any part of Doping Control
Possession of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited method
Trafficking or Attempted Trafficking in any Prohibited Substance or
Prohibited Method
Administration or Attempted Administration to a Rider in competition
of a prohibited Substance
Assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, conspiring, covering up or other
type of intentional complicity involving an anti-doping rule violation by
another person
Prohibited Association
Association by a rider with any rider support person who is serving a period
of ineligibility , or a person who has been convicted in a criminal or
professional proceeding to have engaged in conduct which would have
constituted an anti doping violation
Strict Liability
Your Body
Your Responsibility
Consequences of not adhering to AntiDoping Procedures
Suspension from sport – 4 years to life
Financial implications
Invalidity of Results
Other Consequences – Time, Media .
If a rider/coach is sanctioned for a positive test they
will not be allowed to train with a club, participate,
coach or administer any other sport that is signed up
to the WADA Code, while under sanction.
Sample Collection Procedures
Rider Selection
Random draw
Draw made before Event
Rider Notification
•After a Rider finishes training or race a tester will
verbally inform the rider that they need to do a
drugs test
•They will be asked to sign the Doping Control Form.
•Failure to comply with these request have the same
implication as a positive test result.
An rider is entitled to:
Request to see the Doping Control Officer and
Chaperone’s ID card
Nominate a representative of their choice to
accompany them during the sample collection
Request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control
Station (DCS) for a valid reason
Valid reasons for a delay in reporting
for testing:
Locating a representative
Obtaining photo I.D. ( License )
Competing in further Competitions
Obtaining necessary medical treatment
Rider Responsibilities
Produce identification, when requested, to the
Stay within sight of the DCO/Chaperone assigned
to them at all times until they have provided their
sample and signed the Doping Control Form
Riders Responsibilities
Comply with the sample collection procedures the first sample they provide, after notification
is at the DCS
Retain control of their urine sample until it is
securely Sealed
Report to Doping Control
Before providing a sample
Riders should avoid excessive re-hydration
Consuming food or fluids prior to providing a sample
it is at Rider’s own risk – STRICT LIBALITY
Bottled water may be provided for Riders, ensure the
bottle is sealed before opening
Before selecting a sample
collection vessel
Selecting a Sample Collection
Providing a Sample
A chaperone of the same gender
directly witnesses the athlete
provide a sample
The athlete must remove all
clothing from the knees to
mid-chest and from the hands
to the elbows
Minors – U18
Partial Sample
The partial sample is put in the ‘A’ Bottle until
further urine is provided to reach a total of 90mls
The partial sample is sealed with a ‘partial sample
seal’ with an individual number
Selecting a Sample Collection
A selection of kits
Check the tamper
evident seal, all seals
Five-Point Check
Dividing/Sealing the Sample
Sample is split between bottles
Lids secured on bottles
From time of passing the urine until it is
securely sealed , only the RIDER must
handle the sample
Checking the Suitability of the Sample
Specific Gravity checked –
must meet laboratory
Declaration of Medications/
Supplements used in past 14
Confirmation of Procedure for
Urine and/or Blood Testing
The Lab
Results Management
Positive Result – Contacted via Phone/ Letter by Irish Sports
Letter will give details of the facts and evidence of the
alleged violation
Rider will be advised of their rights under the rules and
what steps should be taken by rider
License will be suspended pending investigation
All violations will now be investigated by Irish Sports
Council and will involve
National Garda Drug Unit, Revenue Commissioners and
The Prohibited List and
Checking Medications
WADA Prohibited List
‘the banned list’
Drug tests check for categories of
substances and methods on this list
Available at:
List should be checked on a regular basis
as new items can be added during the
Recreational Drugs
(including Cannabis)
are on the
Prohibited List
The Simple Advice…
Riders must check all your
prescribed and over-thecounter medications
Republic of Ireland
ISC Medication Checker
Northern Ireland, UK, USA, Canada
GUESS which are prohibited?
And could cause you a problem
GUESS which are prohibited?
The Same?
Republic of Ireland
What happens if your
medication is prohibited?
If you are competing at
International Level, you may
need to apply for a TUE
Advice for Riders
Know what goes into your body
Check your medication every time
Remember the principle of ‘Strict Liability’
Advice for Riders cont.…
When competing abroad
Bring a supply from home of any prescribed or overthe-counter medications you may need
If you need to purchase medication overseas – you
need to check if it is permitted in the country where
it is purchased
Advice for Riders cont.…
If your medication is prohibited, read the TUE Policy
to see if you need to apply
Research the supplement and make sure NONE
of it’s ingredients are on the banned list
Take a print out of your research BEFORE taking it and
keep safe. You may need the proof to show you took
steps to ensure product was safe
Do you really need supplements , work with
professionals to see if change of diet will have same
results for you
Most Supplements contain high levels of Stimulement’s
For More Information
Contact your Anti-Doping Officer
Bernard Keller
Email: [email protected]
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