Influential Acupuncture Treatments for Relieving Pain

Influential Acupuncture Treatments
for Relieving Pain (ancient and
modern methods/protocols)
Baisong Zhong Ph.D, L.Ac, M.D(China)
Associate Prof. of ACAOM
E-mail: [email protected]
100 million Americans have pain issue. More than half of respondents (51%) felt
they had little or no control over their pain. Six out of ten patients (60%) said
they experience breakthrough pain one or more times daily, severely
impacting their quality of life and overall well-being.( 2006 Voices of Chronic
Pain Survey. (American Pain Foundation). Prescription painkillers are
considered a major contributor to the total number of drug deaths. In 2007,
for example, nearly 28,000 Americans died from unintentional drug
poisoning, and of these, nearly 12,000 involved prescription pain relievers.(
Unintentional Drug Poisoning in the United States, National Center for
Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
July 2010.
This presentation is based on the following ancient acupuncture books and
some famous acupuncturists’ experiences in modern with the feeling that I
have used in clinic.
1. Huang Fumi. Zhenjiu Jia Ji Jing(A-B Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.
2. Xun Simiao. Qian Jin Yao Fang(Valuable Prescriptions. Middle of 7th century)
3. Xu Feng. Zhenjiu Da Quan(A Complete Works in Acupuncture and
Moxibustion, 1439)
4. Liao Runhong. Zhenjiu Ji Cheng(Collection of Acupuncture and Moxibustion)
5. Wang Tao.Wai Tai Mi Yao(The Medical secrets of an Official. 752)
6. Wang Zhi Zhong. Zhenjiu Zhi Sheng Jing(Experience of Acupuncture and
Moxibustion. 1220)
7. Bai Zheng Fu(Acupuncture for A Hundred Diseases in Verse)
8. Biao You Fu(Song to Elucidate Mysteries.1235)
9. Xi Hong Fu(Song of Xi Hong)
10. Yu Long Fu(Song of Jade Dragon)
11. Lan Jiang Fu(Song of Lan Jiang)
13. He Pu Ren. Zhenjiu Zhi Tong(Acupuncture
for Relieving Pain. 1990)
14. Qiu Mao Liang. Zhenjiu Zhi Fa Yu Chu
Fang(Therapy and Formula of Acupuncture
and Moxibustion. 1995)
15. Gao Li Shan. Zhenjiu Xin Fei (Experience of
Acupuncture and Moxibustion.1997)
Dr. He Puren(贺普仁), Born in May 1926. Chief Physician, Professor. National fam
ous M.D.
Capital State Medical MD, a national non-material cultural heritage of
traditional medicine project representative inheritors.
Dr. Qiu Maoling(邱茂良),1913 Born in Zhejiang Longyou Temple next village. Qiu
Maoliang went to TCM specialized school in 1928, and studied with Zhang Shan Lei
learning women Division, then obtaining the pass. After graduating in 1932,
he opened an acupuncture school. He has been practiced in Jiangsu Provincial
Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Technology (the Nanjing Medical
predecessor). Served as the attending physician acupuncture, director, chief physician,
professor of acupuncture department.
Dr. Gao Lishan(高立山), Chief Physician
Since 1963, worked in Guang An Men Hospital, Beijing.
Specialized in acupuncture for pain, stomach problems, stroke sequelae, TCM
miscellaneous diseases
1. Influential Acupuncture Treatments for Relieving Pain of head
Fore headache:
GB20, St 8--expel wind heat
LI4, St44--clear Yangming heat
Ocipal headache:
Yintang, GB20– expel wind heat, calm mind
UB2, UB62—expel wind, open UB
GB34, GB40—clear heat and mind
SJ6, Taiyang 3 needles(1 perpendicular, 1 toward
St3, 1 toward GB8) clear GB heat
Add both PC7 if painful severe.
Case 1. Female, 30 years old. Left headache radiates to left
eye 5 years. 8/10 of pain. The pain is worse at some time.
She also has anxiety, nausea and thirsty, gnawing of stomach,
white tongue coating and wiry pulse.
Diagnose: headache due to the heat flaring up of liver, GB
and stomach.
Treatment: clear heat, calm the heat and unblock channels
Points: GB34, GB40, SJ6, Taiyang 3 needles(1 perpendicular,
1 toward St3, 1 toward GB8) and 4 gates.
She felt the pain less about 50% after the first treatment, all
pain was gone after 3 times treatment. No reoccur in 6
(1)Du20, KI 1—clear heat and guide heat downward
Liv2, Liv8—nourish yin and blood, clear heat
(2)Si Shen Chong, 4gates
All headache:
GB20, St8, UB2—expel wind heat
LI4, Liv3—regulate Qi and blood
2. Influential Acupuncture Treatments for Relieving
Chest Pain
(1)Chest pain due to heart:
UB14, UB15—open yang and regular Qi
PC6, Ren12—remove blood stasis, tonify Qi
Ren17, PC6, and Ki6—regulate Ht and Ki, Qi and blood
(2)Chest pain due to lung:
UB13, Lu1—regular lung Qi
Ren17, PC6—regular and descend Qi
Irregular Ht beats—PC6
slow Ht beat—Du25
Rapid Ht beat—PC5
Pericardial distress—Ren17, SI1
Pain between breast—SI11, Lu9
3. Influential Acupuncture Treatments for
Relieving Hypochondriac pain
Pain due to liv: UB19, Liv13
Pain due to GB: UB17, UB18, SJ7, GB34
GB40 to Ki6, Long Yan for shingles( it is on the ulnar border of the
hand with fist clenched, at ulnar end of the third transverse of the
little finger)
4. Influential Acupuncture Treatments for
Relieving Abdominal pain
(1)Sp,St,LI and SI are related to digestion disorder
Ren12, St25, Ren6, PC6, St36
(2)Ki, UB, reproduction, urine are related disorders. Lu7, Ren6,
Ren2, Sp6, Sp10, Sp9
(3)St pain
Ren11,12,13, St25, Ren6,PC6, St36
(4)Abdominal pain due to period: UB54
5. Influential Acupuncture Treatments for Relieving
Back Pain
(1)Ht and Lu: upper T7—UB13, UB15
(2)Liv and GB: Between T7-14—UB16,UB18,UB19
(3)Between Scapula—Du14
(4)Shoulders and back: SI3, SJ3
6. Lower Back Pain—UB23, Du4,Du3+ UB40
(1)Acute lower LBP: Du26, UB2
(2)LBP aggravated by coughing: GB34
6. Influential Acupuncture Treatments for
Relieving Extremity pain
(1)upper: LI15, LI11, LI4, SJ6, SI3
(2)lower: GB30, GB31, GB34, ST38, UB62
7. Shoulder pain: puncture SJ5 of healthy side,
8. Facial pain
(1)fore headache: UB2, GB14, Yuyao
: St2, St3, GB3
: Ja Chengjiang, St6,St7
9. Toothache: First puncture Ren24, then
Du16, St8
(1)upper teeth: St7, St44
(2)lower teeth: St6, LI4
10. Throat pain
(1)acute: bleeding LI1 and Lu11, LI4
(2)chronic: Lu7, Ki6, Ren22
(3)Lu10, San Xiang
Acupuncture for Diseases
1.Trigeminal neuralgia----St25 or fire needles for the local.
2. Torticollis ---GB2 or GB39
3. Cholecystitis —LI 11
from GB40 to KI 6
4. Frozen shoulder--- St38 to UB57
UB14 towards under scapulae
5. Phantom pain---Si Shen Chong, ear point that relates to
the location of pain
6. Ascariasis and gall balder stone—Dan Nang Xue(Gall
Balder), Ashi(Saline 0.5cc, inject under skin).
7. Brachial plexus neuragia __ Bicong.
(acute pain at onset across the top of the shoulderblade followed by weakness and atrophy on muscles
supplied in most cases by superior brachial plexus.)
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