Record Absences Communication Provide Medical documentation

Sick Leave and Disability
Management Program
Human Resources | March 2012
Current Process
• Currently Human Resources administers the sick leave
program for longer term or frequent absences.
• This includes:
 Ensuring there is appropriate medical documentation
to support an absence and return work.
 Providing employees with
throughout their absence.
 Providing support to managers and
during the return to work process.
Why the change?
Benefits of Early Intervention
Increasing complexity of sick leave claims
A program with consistent processes for sick leave &
Medical Information is reviewed and housed off-site
which ensures confidentiality
Access to health care professionals with expertise in
disability management, ensuring that employees
and managers have the support they require
What has changed?
• Sick Leave review process
• Implementation of a third party medical service provider,
for any absence greater than 5 consecutive days
• Documentation required for a medical leave
• Increase in the reimbursement amount for completion of
medical form from $35 to $50
What has not changed?
• Sick Leave benefits provided under your collective
agreement or handbook
• Process for absences less than 5 consecutive days
• Process for absences related to the illness of a family
• Accommodated Return to work process
Sick Leave Process
Your Manager will
notify the Health &
Disability Advisor in
HR of any absence
that is greater than 5
consecutive days.
The HDA will contact
you to review the sick
leave process and make
a referral to Cowan.
Cowan’s case manager
will contact you within
48 hours of receiving
the referral
You will have the MCD
completed by physician
and sent to directly to
Cowan reviews medical
documentation and
provides the HDA with
their recommendations
regarding the absence.
For unknown RTW,
Cowan receives regular
updates from you and
your physician until a
RTW date is
Cowan notifies the
HDA of return to
work dates and any
HDA works with you
and your manager to
develop and
implement your RTW
RTW progresses until
full return has been
Who is Cowan?
• Cowan Insurance Group is a third party medical case management
service provider. They have a multidisciplinary team that includes:
 Two Case Managers dedicated to WLU
 Access to RNs, Occupational Health Nurses, Kinesiologists, and
 Access to four Medical Consultants (physicians)
What is Cowan’s role?
• Provide support to the employee and the University
• Apply fair and consistent practices
• Maintain confidentiality of all medical documentation
• Make a recommendation based on received objective medical
• Provide information on return to work plans
Working with Cowan
• WLU’s dedicated Case Manager from Cowan typically will contact
you within 48 hours of receiving referral
• Cowan Case Manager will provide an introduction and describe the
process to you
• Initial and regular communication is part of the process
• Case Manager will discuss and gather more information as
necessary, regarding your absence
Roles & Responsibilities
Record Absences
Provide Medical
Review Medical
Provide Support
RTW plan
development &
Key Contacts
Nancy Carse
Health and Disability Advisor
Extension: 2452
Email: [email protected]
Melissa Jutzi
Interim Manager, Benefits
and Compensation
Extension: 4487
Email: [email protected]
• Key information and documentation will be located in the
employee and management toolboxes located on the Human
Resources website