Ap World History Bell Ringers

Monday 8/12
Which of the following occurred as a result of the
development of agriculture in societies that previously
relied on hunting and gathering?
A: conditions for women improved
B: the incidence of disease declined
C: population densities increased
D: degradation of the environment lessened
Tuesday 8/13
In most early agricultural societies, people had an average life
expectancy of 25 years when born, but would live until 50
on average if they managed to reach the age of 20. These
facts primarily reflect
a. high rates of infant mortality
b. income gaps between the rich and the poor
c. lack of mass education
d. the availability of medicines for adult diseases
What percentage of increase in life expectancy did a person
have if they reached age 20?
Wednesday 8/14
Which of the following were characteristics of MOST
early civilizations?
a. cave dwellings and stone tools
b. large standing armies and elected governments
c. animal herds and portable houses
d. urban centers, growing populations, and writing
Thursday 8/15
Which of the following is a major feature of the
Neolithic Revolution in the Middle East?
a. the spread of a migratory way of life
b. the establishment of sedentary village communities
c. a decline in the total population in the area
d. an increase in the amount of forested land
Friday 8/16
Which of the following best explains why myths are
useful to historians?
a. myths clarify how ancient technology was used
b. myths analyze how great heroes created the first
c. myths give detailed plans showing how ancient
leaders achieved power
d. myths provide insights into the values and traditions
of the society