Student Research Day, 2013

COD Research
April 8, 2013
Dentsply Award
Melisa Gilbey
Investigation of a Potential Genetic Link Between Hypodontia and Ovarian Cancer
1st Place, Will Yoder
Acute Orofacial Pain Suppression Induced by
Viral Vector Gene Delivery
2nd Place, Justin Kolasa
Oral Health Status and Biomarkers of
Myocardial Infarction
Postdoc: Basic Science
1st Place, Sudha Gudhimella
Effects of aging on osteoclast related genes
in non-human primates
2nd Place, Jason Roedig
Comparison of BMI, AHI and Apolipoprotein
E allele e4 (APOE e4) Alleles Among Sleep
Apnea Patients with Different Angle
Postdoc: Clinical Science
1st Place, Isabel Moreno-Hay
Reduction of Pain Following Intravenous Infusion of
Subanesthetic Ketamine in a Patient with
Continuous Neuropathic Pain: A Case Report
2nd Place, Allison Wright
Effects of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
in Patients with Gestational Diabetes
Oral Presentations
G. Yu, Phd
T.R. Stark, DDS
A. KutKut, DDS, MS
A.H. Mofid, DDS
Thanks to everyone who
participated, see you next