Percent Sugar in Gum - Miss Clark`s Website

To find the mass percent of sugar in a piece
of bubble gum
Unwrap a piece of gum and place the
wrapper on the balance. Zero the balance.
Then place the gum on the wrapper (do
not let it touch the balance!)
Record the mass of the gum in grams.
Chew the gum until the sugar is removed
(no flavor)
Work on handout (Formula Weights and
Percents) in the meantime.
Mass the gum again and dispose
Mass of new gum_________
Mass of chewed gum __________
Calculate mass of sugar:
◦ Mass of new gum – mass of chewed gum = mass of sugar
Calculate percent of sugar
◦ mass of sugar
mass of new gum
X 100 = %
Calculate Percent Error
◦ Actual value: 3 g sugar
◦ Actual percent sugar:
mass of sugar X 100 = %
mass of new gum
◦ Percent error = % in your gum – actual % X 100=
actual %
The mass percent of sugar in my gum was
___________. The actual percent of sugar was
__________. My percent error was
____________. To be more accurate I could (list
2 things)