Ch 5 Quick Quiz

Ch 5 Quick Quiz
T F 1. Linux is an example of an operating system.
T F 2. With sequential processing techniques, multiple
tasks are performed at the exact same time.
T F 3. The most recent version of Windows is Windows XP.
T F 4. File management programs can be used to copy
files from one storage medium to another.
T F 5. Antivirus programs make files smaller so that they
can be transmitted faster via the Internet.
Ch 5 Quick Quiz - MC
___ 6. Which is not a common function of an operating
a. booting the computer
b. compressing files
c. managing resources
d. memory management
e. security
___ 7. Which of the following would be the most
appropriate operating system for a smartphone?
a. Windows Vista
b. DOS
c. Android
d. z/OS
e. Linux
Ch 5 Quick Quiz - Matching
a. Linux
b. Mac OS
c. multitasking
d. iPhone OS
e. diagnostic program
___ 8. An operating system available for free via the
___ 9. A type of utility program.
___ 10. A personal computer operating system.