Feeder Cattle Market Outlets

Feeder Cattle Market Outlets
Lisa Kriese-Anderson
Extension Animal Scientist
Auburn University
Marketing Feeder Cattle
• Options will depend on the number of feeder
calves you have to market at a given time
• Options will also depend on the amount of
effort you are willing to put into marketing
Local Auction Market
• Local Auction Markets are
how the majority of cattle
are marketed in Alabama
• 27 stockyards currently
operating in AL
• Open almost every week
of the year
• Can market 1 calf to 100’s
of calves for you at a
given time
Local Auction Market
• Auction markets are run
by professionals
– Licensed
– Bonded
• Commission to sell
cattle at the market,
plus Beef Checkoff
– Can be paid that day as
soon as your calves sell
Local Auction Market
• Marketing Options
– Weekly regular sale
– Special sales
• Get to know your local
auction market
• If you want top market
– Bring to the auction
cattle the buyers want
• Large and Medium 1’s
and 2’s
• Healthy
• Mainstream breed/breed
• Dehorned and castrated
would be good!
Order Buyers
• Order buyers are licensed cattle buyers that
can come to your farm and purchase calves
– Will want a group of uniform calves
• Age and/or weight
• There are local order buyers as well as
regional or national order buyers
– Orders buyers may/may not collect Beef Checkoff
– If not, you are responsible for sending in Beef
Checkoff money
Tele-auctions or Board Sales
• Organized sales of feeder calves where:
– Calves stay on farm until sold and ready for pickup
– Calves are pre-conditioned – including proper
vaccinations and boosters, dehorned and castrated
– Feeder calves or stocker cattle
• Most successful if in truck load lots and at least
1,000 cattle in sale
– Cattle need to weigh 500 lb + at
pick up
– Want to attract out of state
Tele-auctions or Board Sales
• Many times producer organized and run
– May or may not have a licensed selling agent involved
• Payment is made when cattle change hands
– Usually bank transfer
• Load lots of cattle can also be
sold at any time through your
local auction market
– Sometimes sold same day as
regular sale
Market to Feedlot
• Cattle can be marketed directly to/through a
• Feedlot will want to partner with you
– Especially if 1st time feeding your cattle
– Especially if you have no previous carcass/postweaning data to share
• Cattle will need to be
500 lbs + unless feedyard
has a stockering program
Market to Feedlot
• Cattle need to be marketed to the correct feedlot
– In general, AL cattle are have favorable USDA Yield
Grades and either grade Select or Choice+
• High Plains feedyards
– Favorable Yield Grades
– Select Cattle
• Midwest
– High USDA grades
• West
– High Brahman influence
Freezer Beef
• Retain feeder cattle and market as
freezer meat
• Market the live animal
– Whole animal
– Half animal
– Quarter animal
• Market Individual pieces
– Require either
• AL State Meat Inspection
• Federal Meat Inspection
Feeder Calf Market Options Summary
Auction Market
Order Buyers
Tele-auctions or Board Sales
To/Through a Feedlot
Freezer Beef
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