Summer of the Monkeys
19 Kaitlyn
The Monkey
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to learn about
Coaxed-to manipulate to a
desired end by adroit handling
or persistent effort.
“Who-o-ee tell it to him, boy.
Sing him a hound-dog song.” P.
Sharecropping-an area of soft
muddy gound
Jay Berry went to the river
bottoms to find the families
cow Sally Gooden who had
gotten loose again. When he
got to the bottom and found
the cow he and his blue tick
hound Rowdy decided to have
a look around. Rowdy treed
something and when Jay Berry
caught up with him he found it
was a monkey. The monkey
started to yell and then a
whole bunch of other things
started to yell. Jay Berry got
scared and ran home. When
he told his dad who thought
that he was seeing things.
When Jay Berry got his dad to
believe him his dad thought
that the monkey was owned by
a rich person and had gotten
away and hid. When he told
his mom she believed him and
got worried. When they were
done talking his mom gave him
a list of things to get at the
store and he left.
The Trap
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about bluetick
Sorghum-the syrup made from
“Grandpa, Rowdy treed a
monkey.” P. 16
Peddler-a person who sells from
door to door or in the streets
Jay Berry went to his Granpa’s
store and told him about the
monkey. His Grandpa told him
that they were circus monkeys
that had escaped when the
train they were in wrecked. His
Grandpa said that all of the
moneys except one werew
worth two dollars. Jay Berry
was astonished to learn that
the other monkey was worth
one hundred dollars.When Jay
Berry told Grandpa he wanted
to catch the monkeys Grandpa
helped him make a trap that
would not harm the monkeys
in any way. There foot or hand
would get stuck in the trap and
they would not be able to get
away. Grandpa wanted to test
the trap on Jay Berry’s finger
but Jay Berry was to scared so
Grandpa tested it on his own
finger and it worked. Jay Berry
was about to leave the store
when Grandpa asked if his
mother needed anything and
Jay Berry got the groceries
and Grandpa gave him some
The Old Man of the Mountain
Radiant-bright with joy, hope,
etc: radiant smiles; a radiant
Scamper-to run or go hastily or
“ Don’t ever say you don’t
believe in the Old Man of the
Mountains. He hears everything
that’s said in these hills, and
he’ll cause you to have bad
luck.’ p. 37
When Jay Berry got home his
dad told him that he had gone
to get Sally Gooden and had
seen a monkey in about every
sycamore tree. Jay Berry told
him that the monkeys were
circus monkeys and he was
going to catch them. When he
went to go tell Daisy she
saying that Jay Berry should
have a talk with the Old Man of
the Mountains. Jay Berry
asked who he was and Daisy
said that he was just a friendly
old man and she had talked to
him just that morning. She said
that the Old Man of the
Mountains takes care of the
kills and all the animals living
there. Daisy told Jay Berry that
if he hurt an animal the Old
Man would give him bad luck.
When Jay Berry left he didn’t
know what to believe and
thought that he was in for a
bad luck spell.
The Big Monkey
Rear- to raise to an
upright position
Squall- a sudden
disturbance or
“They’re going to eat
us up, Rowdy, let’s get
out of here?”
p. 58
Jay Berry got up early to go
to the bottoms. He got some
apples out of the cellar,
grabbed his gunnysack and
lunch then he and Rowdy
took off. He had to stop and
explain to Rowdy that he was
not to harm the anything. Jay
Berry kept on hearing a loud
cry and then a twig snapped.
Rowdy started circling around
them to find out what had
made the noise. When he
was gone Jay Berry started
setting up the traps. When
they were done they hid and
several minutes later a lot of
monkeys came. When a little
monkey started to go for the
traps a big monkey started to
cry and warn the little
monkey. Jay Berry couldn’t
believe it. The big monkey
figured out a way to get the
apples off the traps and he
gave some to the little
monkeys. Then the big
monkey started laughing at
Jay Berry and left. When he
was gone Jay Berry reset his
traps then went to get a drink
at a place he calls Jay Berry’s
Spring”. When he got back he
found that his gunnysack and
apples were missing. Rowdy
started to try to climb a tree
so Jay Berry looked up and
saw the big monkey with his
stuff. He got so mad that he
went to the bottoms and filled
his pockets with rocks. He
was going to use them to load
his bean shooter so he could
get the monkey. The first time
he hit the monkey the
monkey started squalling. The
second time the monkey
came down and the little
monkeys followed. Jay Berry
and Rowdy thought the
monkeys were going to eat
them so they ran home.
The Butterfly
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Gunny sack- a bag
made of burlap
Educatedcharacterized by or
displaying qualities of
culture and learning.
“ Aw Mama, what
makes you think
something was
chasing after me.
You’re all the time
thinking things like
that.” p. 65
When Jay Berry got to his
dads field his clothes were all
torn. Hr told his dad what had
happened and his dad was
amazed. His dad said that he
was going to have to go to
the bottoms and see the
monkey himself. When they
got there Jay Berry’s
gunnysack wasn’t in the trees
anymore. Papa didn’t think a
monkey could steal a
gunnysack. After thirty
minutes of searching he
thought that the monkeys had
left. They tried making noises
but they still didn’t come. Jay
Berry’s dad told him that they
would search another time.
Jay Berry went to tell his
mother he was going to the
store and his mother started
freaking when she saw him.
Daisy was there and she was
giggling. When Daisy asked
what had happened to his
gunny sack and traps Mama
wanted to know to. He told
them what had happened and
Daisy started to laugh hard.
He went in the house
grumbling and changed his
clothes so he could go to his
Grandpa’s store. When he
got there and told the story
his Grandpa tried hard not to
laugh. He also told Jay Berry
he had another plan. He went
and got a net. His Grandpa
said it was a butterfly
catching net that he had got
from a professor. He said it
would work an monkeys and
showed Jay Berry how to use
it. He told Jay Berry the story
of the butterfly professor .
When Grandpa was done he
saw that it was getting dark
and sent Jay Berry home.
Poor Gandy
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picture to
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Hauled- to pull or draw
with force; move by
drawing; drag
Scattered- distributed
or occurring at widely
spaced and usually
irregular intervals
“Jay Berry, you’re going
to keep messing around
with those monkeys and
they’ll catch you,” she
said. p.80
When Jay Berry went inside
to see Grandma she gave
him a piece of huckleberry
pie. She wanted to give him
another piece so he could
grow but Jay Berry had to
leave. When he was on his
way home he decided he
wanted to try his net on
something. Before he went
into his house he hid his net
under the bushes so that his
mom and Daisy wouldn’t see
it. They were in the kitchen
making dinner. Daisy wanted
to know how Jay Berry was
going to catch the monkeys
so he had to tell them about
the net. Daisy said that if he
keeps messing around with
the monkeys they would
catch him. Jay Berry was
mad at them for laughing at
him so he left. He went
outside and decided to try his
net out on Gandy. When
Gandy was caught in the net
he started fighting. When he
realized he wasn't getting out
he started honking a lot.
Daisy cam e running out and
when she saw what he was
doing called for her mom.
Mama told Jay Berry to turn
Gandy loose. Jay Berry tried
to turn him loose but he
couldn’t so Mama had to and
grab Gandy and get him out.
When she did get him out he
flew away honking and
throwing a fit. Daisy thought
that he would never come
back. Mama told Jay Berry
that if he did not get rid of the
net he would be in trouble.
When Papa came by and
heard what had happened he
started laughing. Then Jay
Berry started laughing with
him and mama got mad. She
told him that he would not
think it was funny if he had to
go to bed early with no
supper. Jay Berry stopped
laughing and told mama that
he wanted to go to the
bottoms that night and dig a
hole. Mama threw a fit when
she heard that. When Jay
Berry told her why he had to
dig the hole Mama said he
could do it the next night.
When Papa was told about
the hole he and Jay Berry
started to plan for it.
Papa said that they could dig
the hole after supper that
night. They went and dug the
hole. When they were done
they went home and planned
to be back before sunup.
In The Hole
saplings, low vines, etc.
Tantrum-a violent
demonstration of rage
or frustration
“Did you hear that,
Rowdy?” I whispered.
“It was that hundred
dollar monkey. We're
still in business.” p. 96
When Papa woke Jay Berry up at
daylight so they could get to the
hole early. When Jay Berry
finished breakfast he got Rowdy
and went out to the field. They
found Gandy waddling home.
Rowdy wanted to fight with him
but Jay Berry would not let him. It
was almost sunup when they
arrived at the hole . Jay Berry set
the net and he and Rowdy waited.
A snake crawled into the hole then
a hornet flew near the hole.
Thankfully none of those scared
the Jay Berry and Rowdy from the
hole. When they had almost given
up and decided to go home Jay
Berry heard the hundred dollar
monkey squalling. Jay Berry
looked up through the brush and
saw a little brown monkey. When
the big monkey saw that it was ok
to come out all the monkeys
jumped out of trees. Jay Berry
pulled the ring and caught two
little monkeys. When he poked
one it bit him. Jay Berry realized
he did not know a way to get the
monkeys into his gunnysack. He
decided to hold the net in front of
him and go home. When he did
the hundred dollar monkey
dropped down from the tree and
landed on the trail he was walking.
The big monkey started to squall
and throw stuff at Jay Berry. Jay
Berry and the big monkey played
tug of war with the net twice when
all the sudden there was a circle
of monkeys around him. A small
monkey landed on Jay Berry’s
head and bit him. Jay Berry
started squalling and throwing a
fit. He told Rowdy to get the
monkeys and Rowdy started
fighting. When Jay Berry looked to
see how Rowdy was doing he
found him covered with monkeys.
When things were about to get
bad for Jay Berry and Rowdy the
big monkey squalled and he and
the little monkeys disappeared.
Jay Berry looked I the net and
discovered the two monkeys he
had caught were gone. The big
monkey started to laugh up in the
tree and Jay Berry started to yell
at it. He got scared and ran home
when it came down from the tree.
Nurse Daisy
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the red cross.
Quavering-to sound,
speak, or sing
“A few times!” Daisy
said,” It doesn’t look
like a few times to
me. It looks like those
monkeys just about
ate you up this time.”
When Jay Berry and Rowdy
came walking up the fields
Daisy was there and wanted to
know what had happened. Jay
Berry told her about the fight
with the monkeys and she
called their mama. When
Mama saw him she started
muttering. Daisy told her that
they had to chain Jay Berry
and rowdy to a fence because
they might be going mad from
the monkey bights. Mama
started to dab at Jay Berry’s
bights with some peroxide and
he started hopping and yipping
all over the place. Daisy was
doing the same to Rowdy.
When Jay Berry got into to bed
Daisy wanted to practice her
nursing on him. Daisy also
brought Rowdy into the room.
Once Daisy was all dressed in
her uniform she started
bringing in medicine and taking
Jay Berry’s temperature.
Rowdy put up with Daisy’s
nursing for a one day then he
hopped out the window. Three
days later Jay Berry was better
and decided to go to Grandpas
store. When he got there he
told Grandpa what had
happened and Grandpa could
not believe it. Grandpa told
Jay Berry that he had gotten
a letter from the monkeys
animal trainer. It said that the
hundred dollar monkeys’
name is Jimbo and to catch it
they should try making friends
with it and call it by its name.
Grandpa said it might work
and to try it when Jay Berry
got back home. Jay Berry
decided he would try to make
friends with Jimbo and
headed home
Too Much Sour Mash
Sour mash-a
blended grain mash
used in the distilling
of some whiskey
Quavering-to shake
“Look at him Mama,
he’s so drunk, he’s
cross-eyed, and he’s
lost his britches. Can
you imagine
anything like that?”
p. 133
When Jay Berry got home
he went straight to the cellar
and filled his pockets with
apples. Daisy showed up
and started accusing Jay
Berry of taking all the
apples. She told him she
would faint if he came home
with some monkeys. When
Jay Berry was leaving he
tried to coax Rowdy to come
with him but he would not
budge from under the porch.
When he wouldn’t come Jay
Berry started to fake cry and
Rowdy came. When they got
to the bottoms he started to
call Jimbo’s name. He was
walking around and calling
the monkey’s name when he
started smelling whiskey. He
looked around and found a
whiskey still. He was
surprised because the
monkeys where drinking the
whiskey and were drunk.
Jay Berry still wanted to
make friends with Jimbo so
he started repeating the
monkey’s name and offered
him an apple. Jimbo took the
apple and ate it. Jimbo
wanted to give Jay Berry
some sour mash. When Jay
Berry didn’t except it all the
monkey’s got mad. Jay
Berry then decided to drink
the sour mash. The
monkey’s also gave Rowdy
some sour mash. When they
finished the sour mash the
monkey’s started bringing
more. Jay Berry and Rowdy
started to like it. They
started singing and then fell
asleep. When Jay Berry
woke up he discovered his
britches were gone and he
had a headache and could
barely walk. Rowdy could
not either. They started for
home and when they got
home Daisy saw them and
got Mama. Mama was not
happy when she found out
Jay Berry was drunk. Papa
came and heard what had
happened. Mama made Jay
Berry go to bed and was to
drunk to protest.
The Hangover
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to learn how
are made.
like fruit that is sweet
and edible when it is
“I’m sick, Papa, I’m
sick enough to die.” p.
When Jay Berry woke up the
next morning he had a really
bad headache. Papa came in
and wanted to know how Jay
Berry had gotten drunk.
When Jay Berry was done
telling his story and Papa had
left Daisy came in and
wanted to nurse Jay Berry.
She took a thermometer, put
it in alcohol, then stuck it in
Jay Berry’s mouth. He
wanted her to go away but
she would not. She looked at
Jay Berry’s tongue and she
told him that he would be sick
as long as he has the sour
mash in his stomach. She
said what he needed was a
big dose of castor oil. Jay
Berry did not like the idea so
he started protesting. She
said that if he just closed his
eyes and swallowed that he
would not even taste the oil.
When Jay Berry would not
cooperate Daisy went outside
and tried to nurse Rowdy and
he started barking. On the
morning of the second day
Jay Berry was feeling like his
old self. He decided to go to
the store and when he got
There Grandpa started to
tease him about what he had
happened. After that Grandpa
told Jay Berry that they would
go to the library the next day
and find out what they could
about monkeys. When Jay
Berry was leaving Grandpa
gave him some candy and
Rowdy a meat rind.
The Library
Sidetracked-to move
or distract from the
main subject or
Buckboard-a light,
four-wheeled carriage
in which a long elastic
board is used in place
of body and springs.
“ Son, is this your
dog?” p. 162
Papa had to wake Jay Berry
up because Grandpa was
waiting for him. When they
went out to get in the
buckboard Rowdy was in
there and wanted to go.
Grandpa said it would be
okay for Rowdy to go into
town with them if though Jay
Berry told him that something
could happen. When they
were leaving Daisy told Jay
Berry not to forget her ribbon.
When they went through the
bottoms a lot of things like
rabbits, squirrels, and a lot of
other animals started darting
across the road. Rowdy
wanted to chase the animals
but Jay Berry told him to
leave them alone. They got to
the river an Jay Berry got to
take the reigns and lead the
mares through it. When they
got to the wagon yard at the
main street of the town a man
stopped them and told Jay
Berry that Rowdy he could
put Rowdy in the tack room.
When he had done that
Grandpa and Jay Berry
decided to explore the town.
When it was evening they ate
supper. The next day, after
Jay Berry had eaten
breakfast a man told him that
he could find Grandpa in the
barn. When he got there
Grandpa told them that it was
time to go to the library. They
took Rowdy with them. When
they got to the library they left
Rowdy outside and he and
Grandpa went inside.
Grandpa started to talk to the
librarian inside and she told
him to be quit because he
was talking loud. When he
asked here for a book about
how to catch monkeys she
sat them down and got them
a book. They thanked her and
left for downtown.
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picture of the
coconuts to
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Mercantile-Of or
pertaining to
merchants or trade.
Bushel-A unit of dry
measuring containing 4
“Do you have any
coconuts?” p. 165
Grandpa took Jay Berry to
town. They went into Wiley
Mercantile and asked for
some coconuts. The
storekeeper kept on asking
why they were getting
coconuts and Grandpa told
him that he like them. When
Jay Berry was looking he saw
a girl that he thought was the
prettiest girl he had ever
seen. Seeing that she had
ribbons in her hair reminded
him that he should get Daisy’s
ribbons. He went over to the
girl and asked if she worked
at the store. When she
nodded Jay Berry asked her
for two spools of ribbon.
When she asked for what
size Jay Berry told her he did
not no. She said that maybe if
he held her hand he could tell
better. Jay Berry said that he
wasn’t going to hold her hand
so the girl said that he should
get a medium size. He bought
the thread and some
jawbreakers and a shaving
mug. The girl asked Jay Berry
his name and when he told
her she said it was cute and
asked where he lived and if
he had a sweetheart. He went
back to Grandpa who had just
got the coconuts and they
left. When he told Grandpa
what had happened and that
the girl had winked at him
Grandpa said that what would
make her stop was if Jay
Berry kissed her. Grandpa
told him how they were going
to catch the monkeys and Jay
Berry decided he liked the
idea. When they reached the
river Grandpa let Jay Barry
drive across. Grandpa said
that he was thirsty and Jay
Berry took him to his spring.
They went and got a drink
and when they came back the
coconuts were not in the
basket and instead a pair of
dirty britches were. Jay Berry
realized that his gunny sack
was in there also. He said
that the monkeys had done
this. He looked around and
saw that Daisy’s ribbons were
strung in the tree. When they
got home and told Daisy what
had happened to her ribbons
she was really mad and said
that she would not speak to
Jay Berry for six months. He
said that he would let her
have Sally Gooden’s next calf
if she wasn’t mad. She said
that she was going to hold
him to it and they shook
The Storm
Wampus-A strange or
objectionable person
Humdinger-A person,
thing, action, or
statement of remarkable
excellence or effect
“Jay Berry, I’m scared.
Can I come in for a
while-just till this crazy
storm blows over?” p.
After Jay Berry had gone to sleep
a a big storm started. He woke up
and found that Daisy was coming
into his room because she was
afraid of storms. They sat in
silence until Daisy started talking
about Thor. Jay Berry did not
know who Thor was and asked
her. She told him the story about
Thor and when she was done
talking Jay Berry started worrying
that the monkeys might have been
washed away or drowned. Daisy
started to moan. When Jay Berry
asked if she was okay she said
that her leg was hurting. He
started to ask if he should get her
anything but she said no. She
went back to her room so that she
could lie down, but before she left
she told Jay Berry that she had
seen the Old Man of the
Mountains outside in the rain.
Daisy said that he was smiling so
that means that they were going
to have good luck. After she left
Jay Berry had a hard time going
back to sleep. When he did fall
asleep he had weird dreams. He
woke up when Daisy started
pounding on the door of hid room
with her crutch to wake him up.
He got dressed and before leaving
the room looked out the window
and saw that there was not a
cloud in the sky. He went to the
kitchen and his family started
talking about the storm. Jay Berry
told Mama that he wanted to go
down to the bottoms and see what
had happened to the monkeys.
She told him that he could not go
down there. When he started to
argue she said he could go later in
the day. Papa offered to let Jay
Berry work with him in their
blacksmith shop until them.
The Fairy Ring
Click the
picture to learn
about the
legend of the
fairy ring.
Hobbling-To walk
lamely or limp.
“Mama, come quick!
Hurry, Mama! Hurry!”
When Papa and Jay Berry
were working the heard Daisy
calling them and yelling to
Mama. They thought she might
have been bitten by a snake
so they ran all the way out to
her playhouse. When they got
there the saw that Daisy was
okay and that she had found a
fairy ring. Mama said that it
was a miracle. Papa and
Mama asked Daisy to tell them
the legend of the fairy ring.
She said that if you stepped in
the middle of it and made a
wish that the wish would come
true. Then Mama told them a
story about a couple who were
about to get married but the
man was called to war before
the wedding happened. The
man went missing and the
woman found a fairy ring and
wished for the man to come
back. Three days later he did
and he was singing a song
called “It’s Whippoorwill Time.”
After Mama had sung the song
everyone there got in the fairy
ring and made a wish. Daisy
went first, Mama and Papa
went next, and Jay Berry went
last. Rowdy also got in the
fairy ring and made a wish.
After they finished at the fairy
ring Daisy and Mama went to
go get dinner ready. Papa
and Jay Berry went back to
the blacksmith shop and after
a while were called to supper.
Catching Monkeys
Sour mash-a
blended grain mash
used in the distilling
of some whiskey
Quavering-to shake
“Mama! Mama!
Come and look!
Hurry, Mama! You
won’t believe it! Jay
Berry’s coming
home with a
thousand monkeys.”
p. 216
After Jay Berry had finished
eating he and Rowdy went
down to the bottoms. Jay
Berry was calling Jimbo’s
name about every fifty
yards. When they reached
the river they walked up the
river bank and looked but did
not find any monkeys. They
went to the trails and looked
there. Jay Berry started
calling Jimbo’s name again.
After he had walked a while
Jay Berry heard something.
He kept on hearing a low
cry. He thought it was
coming from the washout so
he went down there. He
looked under the bank and
found the monkeys. They
were sopping wet and cold.
When they saw him they
didn’t do anything. The
monkeys were huddled
around Jimbo. Jay Berry
took one of the monkeys
and dried him off with his
handkerchief. Jimbo came
over to Jay Berry and laid
his head on Jay Berry’s
shoulder. Jay Berry took all
the monkeys to a place
where the sun was shining
so they could dry off. After
they were dry he took them
to the house. When he got
there Daisy made a lot of
noise and got Mama. When
she came out she was
scared of the monkeys. Jay
Berry told her that they
would not hurt her but she
was still scared. She told
him to put the monkeys in
the corn crib. Daisy picked
up Jimbo and that helped
Mama to be less scared.
Papa came over and Jay
Berry told him what had
happened. After that Jay
Berry put the monkeys in the
corn crib. When he was
done he went to the store to
tell Grandpa about catching
the monkeys.
Bible Reading
Click the picture to
learn about the
American Bible
Telegram-A message
sent by telegraph
FlabbergastedOvercome with
“Twenty-nine! I knew
you could do it. I knew
it all the time. A man
can do anything if he
puts his mind to it.” p.
When Jay Berry got to
Grandpa’s store and told him
that he had caught the
monkeys Grandpa was
amazed. The mailman was in
the store and when he heard
he told them that he could
take a letter to the circus
people if Grandpa hurried.
Grandpa tried to find the
address but had a hard time
so the mailman said that he
could send a telegram. When
the mailman left Jay Berry
told Grandpa how he had
caught all twenty-nine of the
monkeys. After Grandpa had
heard the story he gave Jay
Berry a sack and told him to
fill it to the top with candy. He
filled it with gumdrops,
jawbreakers, peppermint
sticks, and horehound candy.
Grandpa also gave a bone to
Rowdy. Jay Berry told
Grandpa about the fairy ring
and when Grandpa asked Jay
Berry what he had wished for
he would not tell him. He said
that if he did his wish would
not come true. Jay Berry
decided to go home after that
and when he got home Mama
told him that it was bible
reading night. Mama told Jay
Berry that it was his turn to
choose what they were going
to read. He chose the story
where God opened up the
river and people walked
across and didn’t ever get
there feet wet. When they
were done and it was time to
go to bed Jay Berry had a lot
of dreams. He even fell out of
bed once. In the morning
when he went into the kitchen
for breakfast Mama thought
he was sick. He said he was
fine and washed his face with
cold water to wake up. When
they were eating they heard
Rowdy outside making a
racket. They went outside
and the circus people where
there to pick up the monkeys.
Before they left with the
monkeys they gave Jay Berry
the $165 that they had
promised. After they had left
Jay Berry gave $6 to Daisy.
Mama let Jay Berry skip
dinner so he could go see
Grandpa and get his pony.
Choosing A
Click the picture to
learn about paint
Rumbling-A deep,
heavy, somewhat
muffled sound
“ Grandpa, that paint
pony has a bad cut
on its leg.” p. 240
Jay Berry was so excited that
he ran all the way to
Grandpa’s store. He asked
where the pony was and
Grandpa said that there was
two ponies in the barn lot. He
said that there was two
ponies, one was a paint that
costed $75 and a roan that
costed $100. Jay Berry went
and looked at both of the
horses. He saw that the paint
was limping and had a bad
cut on his leg. He decided
that he still wanted it and
went to go tell Grandpa.
When he did Grandpa said
that Daisy would be able to fix
the leg because she knows all
about crippled legs because
she has been living with one
all her life. Jay Berry went
ahead and started to take the
horse home but when he was
halfway there he realized that
he was supposed to give
Daisy the money so that she
can have her leg fixed. When
he got back to Grandpa’s
store Grandpa told him that
he was proud of him.
Grandma came out and gave
Jay Berry the money that they
had saved so that she could
get her leg fixed. He went
home and when he told his
family and gave them the
money Mama and Daisy
started crying. They started
packing because they wanted
to leave as soon as possible.
Bye Daisy, Hi Daisy
Click the
picture to
learn about
trains and
railroads in
the 1800s.
Woodbox-A box for
storing wood
Runaway-A person
who runs away, a
“Jay Berry, I love you so
much. I won’t ever forget
what you did for me.” p.
The next day when Grandma
and Grandpa arrived at the
house for goodbyes
Grandma, Mama, and Daisy
started crying. ( Grandma
went on the trip with Mama
and Daisy) Since Mama and
Daisy were gone and Papa
had to work in the fields Jay
Berry was in charge of
making supper. He was
cooking beans and potatoes
and he burned both things.
When Papa came home and
saw that Jay Berry had burnt
their supper they just decided
to have cold cornbread. Papa
and Jay Berry started missing
Daisy and Mama really quick.
In the middle of the fourth
week they got a letter from
Mama that said that the
operation had been a success
and Daisy was learning how
to walk. A few more weeks
later Grandpa came and told
them that they were coming
home tomorrow on the noon
train. Papa said that they
would go and pick Mama and
Daisy up. The next morning
they took Rowdy and went to
the depot. It was the first time
Jay Berry and Rowdy had
seen a train and they were
both scared. When Daisy,
Mama, and Grandma got off
the train they started crying.
Jay Berry saw that Daisy was
not crippled anymore. She
ran to Jay Berry and gave
him a hug and kissed him.
Mama had brought Daisy’s
old crutch home even though
she did not need it anymore.
They put it in the wagon and
went home.
Click the picture to learn
about the 22 rifle
Whiskery-a beard that has
Dandy-something or someone
of exceptional or first rate
“All right Daisy. I’ll run with
you. I’ll run all over these hills
with you if you want me to.” p.
When they were riding in the
wagon Daisy told Jay Berry
everything that had happened.
When they got to their house they
saw that Grandpa was there
because his buckboard was. Then
Jay Berry saw that the paint pony
that he wanted was there to.
Grandpa came out and told him
that the pony was his. Daisy found
a package and started to squeal
with excitement. Jay Berry went to
see what she had and in her
hands their was a package with a
.22. Daisy gave it to Jay Berry and
told him that Mama and her had
bought it with the money that was
left over from her surgery. Jay
Berry told Daisy that in the fairy
ring he had wished for Daisy’s leg
to be healed. Mama and Papa
said that they had wished for that
also. Daisy wanted to see Jay
Berry’s pony so the went and
opened the gate to get to her.
Daisy liked her and said that she
was as sweet as a doll so they
decided to name her Dolly. After
that Daisy asked Jay Berry to run
with her and they ran through the
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