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As you notice this chart is
different from the other one.
We added our comments
and more scripture in added
columns from other places in
the Bible that describes
further the events in the
Book of Revelation, by filling
in the empty spaces on the
other chart.!
Mainly they come from
Matthew 24, Luke 21, Daniel
& Jeremiah!
The Beginning of the
They begin to ride in
Four Horses
of the
Let’s take a deeper look
These Four Horses of the Apocalypse are From Satan
Into these 4 Horses of
1st Horse
White Horse
Behold a White
Horse: and he
that sat on him
had a bow; and
a crown was
given to him
and he went
conquering . . .
2nd Horse
Red Horse
Power given to
him who sat on
the Red Horse
to take peace
from the earth,
& they should
kill one another
& a great sword
was given him.
3rd Horse
Black Horse
He that sat on
the Black Horse
had a pair of
balances in his
hand. A measure
of wheat for a
penny & three
measures of
barley for same.
4th Horse
Green Horse
Death sat on a
Pale Green
Horse & Hell
followed him!
Power given
him to kill ¼ of
the earth with
Sword, Hunger,
Death & beasts
1st Seal
2nd Seal
3rd Seal
4th Seal
The 1st Four Seals of Seven in Revelation are opened by Jesus
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