Aust Art History 1930 - 1950

Australian Modernism
Australian Romantic
Russell Drysdale (1912-1981)
William Dobell (1899-1970)
Russell Drysdale (1912-1981)
Russell Drysdale, Moody's pub, 1941
oil on plywood, 50.9 x 61.4cm
Russell Drysdale, The drover’s wife, 1945
oil on canvas, 51.5 x 61.5cm
Russell Drysdale, Two children, 1945-1946
oil on canvas on composition board, 60.6 x 50.8cm
Russell Drysdale, The rabbiters, 1947
oil on canvas, 76.6 x 102.5cm
William Dobell (1899-1970)
William Dobell, The Cypriot, 1940
oil on canvas, 123.3. x 123.3 cm
William Dobell, The billy boy, 1943
oil on cardboard on hardboard, 70.2 x 53.4 cm
William Dobell, Study for Joshua Smith, 1943
oil on cardboard on hardboard, 48 x 32 cm
William Dobell, Portrait of an artist (Joshua Smith), 1943
oil on canvas, 107 x 76cm
William Dobell, Margaret Olley, 1948
Oil on hardboard, 117 x 91.5 cm
William Dobell, Margaret Olley (detail), 1948
Oil on hardboard, 117 x 91.5 cm
The ‘Rebellious Generation’
“The members of the rebellious generation –
Noel Counihan, Albert Tucker, Sidney Nolan,
Max Harris, John Reed and Bernard Smith –
created a movement of revolt more volatile than
anything hitherto seen in Australia.
They were revolutionaries … struggling to come
to terms with the modern world and its history.
With much in common, they were also divided in
their view on the nature of society, nature and
culture, and of the art that could give expression
to authentic Australian experience.”
Richard Haese, Rebels and Precursors: The revolutionary years of Australian art
Noel Counihan (1913-1986)
Noel Counihan, Portrait of William Dolphin, the Violinmaker, 1945
oil on hardboard, 102.2 x 86.9 cm
Noel Counihan, On the eve of the elections 1955
oil on composition board, 52.8 x 91.5 cm
Danila Vassilieff (1897-1958)
Josl Bergner (1913-)
Josl Bergner, The pie eaters, 1940
oil on hardboard 50.0 x 60.6 cm
Josl Bergner, Aborigines in Fitzroy, 1941
oil on board 62 x 49.5 cm
Danila Vassilieff, Koornong Schoolgirl, 1941
Oil on canvas 43.5 x 36.2 cm
Sidney Nolan (1917-1992)
Sidney Nolan, Glenrowan, 1945
Ripolin on strawboard 63.5 x 76.2 cm
Sidney Nolan, Kelly and Horse, 1946
Ripolin on board 92.1 x 122.4 cm
Sidney Nolan, Ned Kelly, 1946
Enamel on composition board, 90.4 x 121.2 cm, National Gallery of Australia
Sidney Nolan, Pretty Polly Mine, 1948
Ripolin on hardboard, 91.5 x 122 cm
Sidney Nolan, Burke and Wills Expedition ,1948
Ripolin on board, 91.3 x 122.2 cm
Sidney Nolan, Central Australia, 1950
Ripolin on board, 91.4 x 122.3 cm
Arthur Boyd (1920-1999)
Arthur Boyd, The Expulsion, 1947-48
Oil on tempera on composition board, 101.6 x 122 cm
Arthur Boyd, Wheatfield, Berwick, 1948
Oil on canvas, 52 x 64cm
Arthur Boyd, Irrigation lake, Wimmera, 1950
resin and tempera on composition board, 81.4 x 121.9cm
Arthur Boyd, The Waterhole, c.1954
Enamel paint on composition board, 88.6 x 119.8 cm
Arthur Boyd, Shearers playing for a bride, 1957
oil and tempera on canvas, 150.1cm x 175.7cm
Albert Tucker (1914-1999)
Albert Tucker, Victory girls, 1943
oil on cardboard, 64.6 x 58.7 cm
Albert Tucker, Study for ‘Images of modern evil, Spring in Fitzroy,’ 1943
Gouache on paper on board, 41 x 47.9 cm
Albert Tucker, Images of Modern Evil #9, 1944
Oil on canvas, mounted on composition board, 51.8 x 63 cm, National Gallery of Australia
Joy Hester (1920-1940)
Joy Hester, Study of a woman, 1938
Charcoal, 36.3 cm x 26.0 cm
Joy Hester, Two girls in a street, c. 1941
watercolour, pen and ink 28.2 cm x 38.8 cm
Joy Hester, Frightened woman, 1945
brush and ink, wash 31 cm x 20 cm
Joy Hester, Love II, c. 1950
brush and ink, gouache, crayon, collage, 55.8 cm x 39.4 cm
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