Captain cook

James Cook
 James Cook was born in yorkshire England and
entered the navy as a able sea man in 1755. he was
given command of the bark Endeavour a well
constructed ship of 368 tons. In the same year Captain
Cook received instructions to set sail for the pacific in
order to study the planet Venus across the disk of the
sun. this was predicted to take place on the 3rd of June
The Endeavour
 On 26th of august 1769 the Endeavour set sail from
Plymouth stocked with 18 months of supplies and with
94 men on board. Joining cook were Joesve Banks, the
botanist, Daniel solander, a naturalist and Charles
Green, from the greenwitch observatory.
 (the Endeavour)
His voyages
 Captain James Cook made 3 trips to the pacific. He was
speared and killed by the Hawaiian natives. He was
killed in Hawaii on his 3rd voyage. The first voyage was
to observe the transit of Venus for his sponsors the
royal society (English scientists) and to see if he could
beat the French.
About him
 Occupation: Explorer
 Born: October 27, 1728 in Yorkshire, England
 Died: Killed by natives at the Hawaiian Islands on
February 14, 1779
 Best known for: Exploring the South Pacific.
 James Cook was a British navigator and explorer
who sailed and mapped much of the south pacific.
 Routes of Captain James Cook through the South
Pacific. The first voyage is in red, the second in green,
and the third in blue
The first European to set foot on Australia's east coast was
Cook's nephew Isaac Smith.
 The Endeavour also had scientists aboard including
botanist Joseph Banks. They collected and recorded
numerous plants and animals throughout their journey.
 Tahiti was so nice and the natives so friendly that some of
Cook's crew wanted to stay.
 The Maori warriors in New Zealand wore tattoos on their
faces. Some of the Endeavour's sailors got tattoos on their
arms and started a tradition that continues today.
Nicolas young
 Nicolas Young was a sailor on Captain James Cook's
ship in his first voyage. He was eleven years old when
the ship left England on 26 August 1768. He was a
stowaway on the Endeavour. Nicholas Young sighted
New Zealand on 7 October 1769. Captain James Cook
named the place Young Nicks Head after Nick and
rewarded him with a gallon of rum.
The civilians
Joseph Banks: Naturalist & Botanist
Daniel Solander: Naturalist & Doctor
Charles Green: Astronomer
John Reynolds: Artist
Sydney Parkinson: Artist
Herman Sporing: Artist
Alexander Buchan: Artist
James Roberts: Servant
Peter Briscoe: Servant
Thomas Richmond: Servant
The crew
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