Court Out

Below are 10 cases of false advertising. You must decide if they were “court out”, “got
away with it” or if the story is simply an “urban legend”.
Ben Careathers sued the company for false advertising, saying
Red Bull never gave him wings, nor any enhanced intellectual or
athletic performance.
Sued for false advertising as it transpired that instead of using
100% beef to make their burgers, they used a business called
“100% Beef”.
Ferraro settled for $3m after it was agreed that their amazing
chocolate spread is neither “healthy” or “part of a balanced
Sketchers had to send out $400m in refunds after falsely claiming
its trainers would lead to weight loss.
26 year old Vaibhav Bev sued Unilever for $91,000 stating
“depression and psychological damage” as he “used it for 7
years” but failed to attract any ladies.
Jane Williams sued the company after this
blatant example of false advertising.
Despite containing Bifidus Regularis (?), Danone agreed to pay
$21m compensation as there was no “scientific or clinical”
evidence that the yogurt helps relieve, erm, constipation.
Pizza Hut felt the tag line “better ingredients” was deceptive,
and sued for $500,000 in damages.
Many consumers have taken class-action suits against Apple
claiming the company falsely advertised the ability of Siri.
Kia & Hyundai were forced to pay $412m to customers as it was
proven that they had exaggerated the Horse power and MPG of
many of the cars.
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