PP E-Sol Presentation_007 - E

This is the final bid form,
which, once set up in Excel
by the estimator, will not
need to be typed by
anyone. This can be
converted into a PDF or
Word document and
emailed, printed for faxing,
or sent however you wish to
transmit it to your client.
The estimator can choose what
he wants to present to the
customer by selecting the
information in the bid. You want
to show the rooms covered but
don’t want to show pricing per
room? Only want to show the
lump sum total at the bottom?
Just want to show the rooms
covered, or show or not show
square footage? Your choice to
show or not to show.
So, the estimator has total control
over how this form looks to the
customer and can quickly
change it. Don’t like the way this
form looks currently? I can
change it to meet your desires.