Water, Water Everywhere Lab Report Guidelines

Water, Water Everywhere
Lab Report Guidelines
Data Tables
• Provide titles for all data tables
• Titles should reflect what the experiment tested
• Typical two-column tables show independent
variable (IV) on left side (1st column) and
dependent variable (DV) on right side (2nd column)
Provide appropriate labels for IV and DV
Include units of measurement when applicable
Refer to Boot Camp Reference Guide Drawing
Example 1: Two Column Data Table
Example 2: Multi-Column Data Table
Data Tables Cont’d
• Examples shown are two of many ways you can
create your data tables
Tables should reflect any degrees of uncertainty
associated with equipment used for measuring
and collecting data
The measured value and its uncertainty must
always have the same number of digits after the
decimal place http://physicsed.buffalostate.edu/pubs/MeasurementAnalysis/MA1_9ed.pdf)
Refer to Boot Camp Reference Guide Error
Analysis in Biology
When determining an uncertainty from a
measuring device, you need to first determine the
smallest quantity that can be resolved on the
device; the uncertainty in the measurement is
taken to be this value
Data Tables Final Info –YEA!
• Notation for measurements and their
uncertainties takes the following form:
(measured value +uncertainty) proper
units, where the + is read `plus or minus‘
(from http://physicsed.buffalostate.edu/pubs/MeasurementAnalysis/MA1_9ed.pdf)
• Include degree of uncertainty in data table
where applicable
Example 3: Table with Uncertainty
The results of an investigation on the effect of light on the cyclosis of chloroplasts
Data Analysis Questions
• Review each activity listed in the
• Record answers relating to the specific
activity immediately following data for that
• Do NOT write the questions, but answer
the questions in complete sentences
• Keep conclusion brief, no longer than 2
pages maximum
• Refer to pages 38-42 Clegg text, which
describe the properties of water
• Use your data to support your conclusion
• If your data does NOT support the known
properties of water, evaluate weaknesses
or errors that may have contributed to
your data
• Refer to the DCP and CE sections of the
IB Internal Assessment Criteria