Dimensional Analysis

1. Identify starting & ending units.
2. Line up conversion factors so the
units will cancel themselves.
3. Multiply all top numbers together
and all of the bottom numbers
4. Divide the top answer from the
bottom answer.
5. Check your units & the answer.
2 points per basket
...can be written as a fraction like this:
1 basket
2 points
2 points
1 basket
Convert the following measurements to the units
34 meters to cm
0.520 km to m
Convert the following measurements to the units
85.5 cm to mm
63 dg to kg
Convert the following measurements to the units
indicated. Put your answers in scientific notation.
How many milliliters are in 5 liters?
How many kilograms are in 598 grams?
A pound of butter costs $1.39. What is
the cost of a kilogram of butter?
(453.6 grams = 1 lb)
A car is traveling at a speed of 65 miles
per hour. How fast is the car traveling
in meters per second? (1.609 km = 1
Because your 18 year-old friend never learned
dimensional analysis, he started working at
McDonald’s wrapping hamburgers. Every 3 hours
he wraps 350 hamburgers. He works 8 hours a
day and 5 days a week. He gets paid every 2
weeks with a salary of $440.34 (after taxes!)
Approximately how many hamburgers will he
have to wrap to make his first one million
(If you can solve this problem, you know DA and maybe you
can help your friend get a better job! Round your answer
to one significant figure - it’s going to be LARGE!)
How much time will it take to wrap all those
hamburgers. Express the time in years. Assume
that he will work 40 weeks out of the year and
that he produces the same amount of wrapped
burgers every day.
By the way, be careful on this one – nobody
works 24 hours a day! Round your answer to the
nearest year.