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Practice 3 Task 1

The bar chart presents expenditure on fast food by British people in 1990’s. Line
graph shows consumption of junk foods from 1970 to 1990 in Britain. To these
information, hamburgers are most selected choice from fast foods. It can be
about income because to first chart eating fast food rate depends on economic
People have high income choose hamburgers more than fish and chips and
pizza, it is approximately 45 pence per week, other foods are so near to each
other. Hamburgers are most used by people which they have average income.
Fish and chips are buying by average income people than other stage people (25
pence per week). Low income is result for low consumption rate. People with
low income eat fish and chips more than hamburgers and pizza (around 15-20
pence per week).
Second graph is about consumption of junk foods for 20 years. Fish and chips
was most popular fast food in the 1970’s but this popularity decreased with time.
And while this time hamburgers and pizza are getting famous around people. In
the 1990’s hamburgers are most popular fast food (500gram for per person).
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