Reconstruction of substation of 35/6 kV "Crimea" Author: Voronov

Reconstruction substation of
35/6 kV "Crimea"
Author: Voronov A. A.
Scientific supervisor : Druzakin I. G.
Purpose - to improve the reliability of power
system substation "Crimea"
The reasons:
• Increse power consumption of consumers
• Heavy wear equipment
• Increasing the number of repairs
• Old system of power
Schema substation before reconstruction
Schema after reconstruction
Data for checking of working capacity of
the new equipment.
Equipment under voltage 35 kV:
• Current of 3-phase short circuits on trunks 35 кV
Is.c.(3)=2,04 кА
• Shock current i im =5,21 кА
• Actuation time of protection t = 2 sec.
Equipment under voltage 6 кV:
• Current of 3 phase short circuits on trunks 6 кV Is.c. (3). =5,83 кА
• Shock current i im = 14,5 кА
• Actuation time of protection t = 1,0 sec.
The new substation equipment
• Current transformers TLK-35-300, TLK-35200, TLK-35-150
• Current switches BB/TEL-10-20/1000 Y2
• Voltage transformers with natural oil-cooled,
winding for insulation monitoring network
• New transformer busline 60х6 мм2 to 35 kV
and 80х8 мм2 to 6 kV.
Protective relay Micom P123
4-line LCD
expresses real sizes
registers up to 75 failures and transients
The possibility of a logical connection between
the elements
• The chosen equipment indoor switchgear-35 kV
and indoor switchgear -6 kV is checked up on
conditions of thermal and electrotransient
• Choice and calculation of installations of
microprocessor means of protection and
emergency control schemes.
• Round-the-clock real time-dispatching
management is developed.
• Payback period 4.35 years.
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