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The statutory Board is in charge of the day-to-day management of Sena. The Board is supervised by the
Supervisory Board. All important decisions must be determined by the Board of Affiliates, after approval
of the Supervisory Board.
This model complies with all the demands made in the Good Management and Integrity Guidelines of the
CBO Quality Mark of VOICE.
Below you will find the constitution of the board and supervisory organs as per August 31st, 2014:
Board of Affiliates:
- Mr. Erwin Angad-Gaur (Performers, chairman section representatives)
- Mr. Marius Beets (Performers)
- Mr. Rolf Delfos (Performers)
- Mr. Bert Ruiter (Performers)
- Ms. Anita Verheggen (Performers)
- Ms. Simone Vierstra (Performers)
- Mr. Erik Winkelmann (Performers)
- Mr. Robin van Beek (Producers)
- Mr. Peter Boertje (Producers, chairman section representatives)
- Mr. Jan Favié (Producers)
- Mr. Rob Gruschke (Producers)
- Mr. Eric Jan Loon (Producers)
- Mr. Berry van Sandwijk (Producers)
- Mr. Michiel ten Veen (Producers)
Supervisory Board:
- Mr. Aleid Wolfsen (independent chairman)
- Mr. Koos Boot (independent financial expert)
- Mr. Anne de Jong (Producers)
- Mr. Kees van der Hoeven (Producers)
- Mr. Koert Ligtermoet (Performers)
- Mr. Willem Wanrooij (Performers)
- Mr. Markus Bos (CEO)
- Hans Moolhuijsen (CFO)